Actislim Platinum reviewActislim Platinum is a dietary supplement for weight loss that claims it is 100% natural. It has been designed to decrease hunger pangs, reduce a person’s desire to snack between meals, and assist them in shrinking portion sizes. It also supposedly increases energy to help burn off stored fat.

The Actislim Platinum formula includes: Trimethylxanthine, Green Tea Extract, Chitosan, Ginko Leaf Extract, Ginger Root Powder, and Vitamin C. There is nothing outlandish or unique about this ingredients list, which is both good and bad.

The good news is that these ingredients can be commonly found in many weight loss pill products on the market. Furthermore, they have all been scientifically studied to determine their benefits. For instance, trimethylxantine (caffeine) has been found to help boost alertness and metabolism, which could help with fat burning. Some research has even found it to help suppress appetite in some people. Chitosan, which comes from the shells of crustaceans, is believed to help prevent the body from absorbing fat. Green Tea is supposedly another metabolism booster, while ginger root helps to improve digestive enzyme activity, and ginko leaf extract is believed to help with fatigue and memory.

The bad news is that while each of these ingredients has been studied, evidence of their effectiveness for aiding in or causing weight loss is lacking. Therefore, while the Actislim Platinum formula seems to have the potential of being a half-decent product for weight loss, the problem is that there is absolutely no proof or guarantee that it works.

While taking this product, users are instructed to drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water daily, to follow a “light” exercise regimen, and to eat a calorie-controlled diet. They are also cautioned not to take Actislim Platinum after 3pm because this could contribute to sleep problems.

The suggested dosage is to take 2 capsules daily after breakfast and lunch (ex. 1 capsule between 9am and 10 am and 1 capsule between 1pm and 2pm). No more than 2 capsules should be taken per day. Furthermore, it is recommended that users take this product in 3 month cycles followed by a 1 month break until they achieve their target weight.

Anyone with an allergy to shellfish or to any other substances within this formula should avoid taking this product. Furthermore, those who have sensitivities to stimulants should avoid these pills, as they contain caffeine. Products containing stimulants increase the risk of certain unpleasant side effects such as insomnia, anxiety, jitters, headache, etc. Talk to your doctor before taking Actislim Platinum.