Activ8 X reviewActiv8 X  is an OTC weight loss supplement that comes in the form of drops. Created by AMAS Enterprises Ltd. This particular oral non-prescription diet product is different from other similar supplements on the market because it is in liquid form and is not a pill. While the majority of weight loss supplements on the market focus on a couple of particular areas to help with weight reduction, Activ8 X focuses on four specific areas, which include fat burning, carbohydrate blocking, metabolism boosting, and controlling hunger.

There are 10 active ingredients in this product. The formula consists of capsicum, green tea leaf extract (EGCG), grapefruit powder, garcinia, chromium, beta alanine, pryuvate, African mango, panax ginseng, and grape seed extract.

Each one of these ingredients is considered to be beneficial for weight loss. For instance, according to information found on the official product website, chromium and grapefruit powder assist with hunger control. Panax ginseng, grape seed extract and African mango act as carbohydrate blockers. Pyruvate and garcinia increase metabolic rate and energy. Beta alanine, EGCG, and capsicum act as fat burners.

However, while all of these substances have been studied to determine their efficacy for weight loss in humans, there is not enough clinical evidence to prove that they are as effective as they are often claimed to be. Moreover, having several active ingredients in a single formula can increase the risk of adverse side effects.

Also, this supplement is a thermogenic product, which can increase a person’s body temperature and result in sweating, which could lead to dehydration. It is important to drink plenty of water while taking these drops. Furthermore, while the official site claims that the product is “free from high quantities of stimulants” and that there are “no high quantities of caffeine” it does not actually state that the product is free of caffeine, which generates confusion over whether the product contains a stimulant or not.

The Activ8 X diet drops are the purest form of supplement and can absorb into the body better than traditional diet pills, according to the manufacturer. The claim is that they are more effective than tablets or capsules because they are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream without having to go through the digestion process first. When taking the drops, the user should hold the drops under their tongue for 1 to 2 minutes to ensure proper absorption.

The drops have been designed to be used in conjunction with a diet plan of the dieters choosing or with the AVX Diet Plan. The product is vegetarian and vegan friendly.

It is recommended that you first speak with your medical practitioner about Activ8 X before taking it.