Aduki Diet PillsAduki diet pills are part of the Aduki Diet weight loss program, which uses these pills for the purpose of providing dieters with easier and faster weight loss results.

According to the FAQ section on the official website, how the Auduki Diet’s Natural Pill works is it helps to control your appetite and prevent unwanted eating behaviors. The amount of calories you ingest will shrink by as much as 50%, helping you to become accustomed to eating smaller portions. Your stomach will shrink in size so that you will be full faster, making it much easier to control cravings and appetite. In addition, another claim is that the diet pill will boost your metabolic rate to accelerate weight loss. Your body will enter thermogenesis and use its stored fat to produce energy. Moreover, the Aduki Diet Pills increase alertness, as well as mental and physical energy, which can benefit exercise performance.

That sounds pretty impressive, however, there are no studies mentioned or cited on the official product page to back up these claims. Furthermore, while the product ingredients have been listed and include Green Tea, Aduki Beans, Poria, Lotus Leaves, Collagen, and Radish Seeds, very little else is said about these ingredients or the specific effects they have on weight loss. Also, this product contains caffeine, which can lead to unpleasant side effects such as insomnia, rapid heartbeat, jitters, headache, upset stomach, etc.d

At the time of this review, the official product page also states that Aduki Diet Pills are comprised of 100% natural ingredients that are “safe for daily consumption”. This is highly misleading on the manufacturer’s part, because natural does not mean safe.

Based on the product directions that have been provided on the site, users should take one pill per day at breakfast. This can be increased to two pills per day, one taken at breakfast the other at lunch, for those who feel they “need a little extra help”.

Unlike other diet pill products on the market that often recommend users take pills in conjunction with a calorie controlled diet and exercise, the manufacturer of the Aduki Diet Pills claims that there is no special type of food to eat and that users do not have to exercise in order for the diet to be effective.

The Aduki Diet Pills are sold on the official site and are quite expensive compared to weight loss products with similar ingredients. For example, a trial pack consisting of 24 capsules (less than a one month supply) is £30 (approximately $50) and this does not include shipping costs.

It is highly recommended that you first speak with your doctor before taking these pills or are considering this weight loss program.

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