African Mango Burn reviewAfrican Mango Burn is a fat burning supplement that claims to be able to help users lose weight, boost metabolism, control appetite and enhance thermogenesis. According to the official website, African Mango Burn is “the most potent and highest concentration of African Mango available on the market.” It supposedly provides you with all the weight loss benefits of African Mango (ex. maximum fat burning, higher metabolism, and appetite suppression) as well as extra health benefits like lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol and reduced blood sugar.

Two capsules make up one serving size and each serving contains African Mango Extract (1,200 mg) and Green Tea Extract (200 mg). There are 15 servings and 30 capsules per bottle, which means 1 bottle will last you half a month. That being said, this product is typically sold in two bottle batches.

What is African Mango and how does it work to help with weight loss? Also known as Irvingia Gabonenis, it is a tree that is grown in Central and West Africa, which produces mango-like fruit, from which it gets one of its nicknames African Mango.

It has a high soluble fiber content and proponents of the herb claim that it can trim waistlines and melt away belly fat. It can reportedly lower blood cholesterol, appetite, triglycerides, boost the breakdown of fats, improve glucose control and lower fat cell growth. It is usually taken a half hour before meals and is also often combined with green tea extract when marketed as a fat burning supplement for weight loss.

Although some studies have found that African Mango may help to lower blood cholesterol and aid in weight loss, there is insufficient evidence to prove that this herb is actually effective in relation to helping people lose weight. More research is required to determine the efficacy and safety of this ingredient and the African Mango Burn product.

The most common side effects associated with African Mango include dry mouth, headache, sleep disturbance, gastrointestinal upset and even flu-like symptoms. In terms of drug interactions, very little is known. That being said, this herb has been found to delay stomach emptying, which may be problematic for some people taking prescription medications.

Prior to taking African Mango Burn, it would be wise to first talk to your healthcare provider to make certain it is a safe and good idea for you. This is especially true if you have an existing health condition or if you are pregnant, nursing or planning to become pregnant.