Best Life Diet ReviewBest Life Diet could be the weight management plan you’ve been waiting for to help you establish a healthy lifestyle. After all, it worked for Oprah. That said, this doesn’t mean that it will necessarily work for you. The only way to know if this diet is even worth your time and effort is to find out more about what it can offer you on your quest to shed excess pounds, achieve your goal weight and maintain your ideal weight.

The Best Life Diet was developed by Bob Greene, an exercise physiologist and certified personal trainer. It is a long-term diet designed to help you change your lifestyle by adjusting your eating habits and enhancing your activity levels to assist you in losing fat and living healthier.

The Best Life diet is made up of three phases:

1 – Baby Steps – This phase is meant to prepare your body for weight loss by boosting your activity, amplifying your metabolism and eliminating “six problem foods”, which include fried foods, soda, alcohol, full-fat milk, trans fats, white bread and yogurt. This phase lasts for at least 4 weeks.

2 – Get Moving – In this phase you will learn how to control your portions and about emotional eating. You’ll also boost your activity to maintain calorie burning and will add “anything goes calories.” These calories you may or may not be able to add to your diet. It all depends on your activity level.

3 – Your Best Life – You’ll keep watching your portions, increase your activity level and focus on eliminating trans fats, reducing sodium, saturated fats and added sugar while adding more fruit, vegetables, whole grains and lean protein to your diet. This final phase of the diet is ongoing and focuses on the quality of your diet.

Although taking supplements with this diet is not mandatory, in the event that you do not manage to obtain the appropriate minerals or vitamins through food, a multivitamin, omega 3, calcium or other supplements may be recommended.

Furthermore, in addition to changing your diet, the Best Life also requires you to engage in physical exercise including strength training and cardio. The level of exercise that is required increase with each of the diet’s phases.

Overall, the Best Life Diet is a fairly realistic approach to healthy weight loss. It is possible that you will drop pounds by following this diet due to the fact that it requires you to partake in regular exercise and promotes the eating of whole grains, lean protein, fresh fruits and vegetables and discourages the eating of sugar, sodium and bad fats.

That said, this diet will take commitment and you shouldn’t expect to lose weight quickly. It’s focus is practical weight loss over the long term that lasts.

If the Best Life Diet interests you, speak with your healthcare provider before you start, to make sure it is a safe option for you.