Brown Fat Revolution Diet reviewThe Brown Fat Revolution Diet is a book and 4-week diet and exercise program designed to help keep your body firm and youthful. The weight loss plan was created by James R. Lyons, a plastic surgeon and author, who believes that consuming brown fat – healthy fat – results in weight loss and better health while the consumption of yellow fat – bad fats – can lead to a person having a soft, flabby and old-before-their-time appearance.

According to Dr. Lyons, his weight loss plan can assist a person by giving them a metabolism boost, developing lean muscle and building brown fat. When you follow this diet you will swap between “Protein Days” and “Carb Days” and will also be required to engage in exercise to strengthen core muscles. With that in mind, although both men and women can follow the Brown Fat Revolution Diet, it was primarily designed for women.

On this diet, you will be eating six meals every day with the exception of one day per week when you can eat whatever you want within reason. Foods that are permitted include whole grain breads, cereals, pasta, breads made with unbleached flour, high-carb fruits and starchy vegetables. Fresh and lean protein as well as unsaturated fats is also permitted.

Beyond these foods, caffeine and a daily glass of wine is allowed, but you are to avoid artificial flavors, processed foods, colors, preservatives and sweeteners. Lyons also recommends that you take a daily mineral-vitamin supplement.

The good news is that the Brown Fat Revolution Diet is not restrictive, which means that you can eat a wide range of foods and this diet can also be tweaked to work for both vegetarians and vegans. This is a relatively low-cost diet as it won’t cost you anything more than your regular groceries and a one-time purchase of Lyon’s book. You may also need to purchase a few items for exercising, including a bungee cord, door anchor strap, etc. That said, these items are relatively inexpensive.

As for exercise, workouts are sensible and target your core. They shouldn’t take longer than 30 minutes and you are only required to do a few exercises in a day and not every day.

It is quite possible to lose weight while following this diet. However, there is no proof that eating small meals throughout the day can lead to weight loss or that alternating days between proteins and carbs with help in fat loss. Nor are there studies that prove that building brown fat will improve your appearance.

Finally, if you have any existing medical condition you may first want to speak with your doctor before adopting the Brown Fat Revolution Diet as it may not be a good choice for individuals who have been instructed to follow a low-protein or a low-cholesterol diet.