CalxpelCalxpel is an over the counter weight loss herbal supplement. It is primarily marketed as a carb blocker and is said to work by reducing a person’s carbohydrate intake. Other claims made about this product say that it also helps to burn fat and suppress appetite. It is manufactured in the UK and is a product from Evolution Slimming. According to the official Evolution Slimming website, Calxpel is a weight loss product that is “so effective it only needs to be taken once per day, for impressive results without dieting.”

Calxpel is said to be a thermogenically active formula that helps to boost the body’s metabolism. Its active ingredients are designed to assist in the blocking of complex carbohydrates (ex. white potatoes, white breads, rice, pasta, etc.), and helps to prevent the accumulation of body fat. It also acts as an energy booster to encourage physical activity and contains antioxidants and nutrition beneficial to a person’s health.

The ingredients in the Calxpel formula include: Guarana Extract, Citrus Aurantium, Bee Pollen, White Kidney Bean Extract, Siberian Ginseng Root Power, Garcinia Cambogia Extract, Silicon Dioxide, and Gymnema Syvestre. It is vegetarian and vegan friendly. The recommended dosage is for users to take two capsules before or after breakfast with a glass of water.

The Evolution Slimming website does not provide anything more than an ingredients list for Calxpel. Therefore, consumers are not provided with any information pertaining to the precise ingredient concentrations in the formula. In addition, the ingredients in this formula, although all-natural, are not necessarily safe or proven ingredients for weight loss. Therefore, those who take this product may not be pleased with the results.

More specifically, there is no clinical evidence to back up any claims that have been made about Calxpel in relation to its effectiveness for weight loss. In fact, no studies have ever proven that Garcinia Cambogia can control cravings or stabilize appetite and while bee pollen may provide antioxidants, there is no scientific evidence that links antioxidants to weight loss.

Furthermore, Calxpel contains stimulants, and a particularly powerful one – Guarana Extract. While likely to give an energy boost, weight loss products that contain this stimulant and others, put users at an increased risk of adverse side effects including sleeplessness, jitters, mood changes, heart palpitations, etc.

At the time this review was written, a single bottle of Calxpel – a one month supply – could be purchased online for £29.99 (approximately US$47.00). If you are considering taking this product, it would be prudent to first speak with your healthcare provider.