Dukan Diet ReviewCreated by French nutritionist, Dr. Pierre Dukan, the Dukan Diet is a low-carb and high-protein weight loss plan that has gained popularity around the world. The claim is that by following this diet, you can lose up to 10 pounds in one week and you will continue to lose a few pounds every week after that until you achieve your weight loss goal. The weight that you lose, you will never put back on again, as long as you follow the rules to the letter.

How the Dukan Diet makes it possible for dieters to lose this much weight and keep it off, is through its strict diet plan, which also includes recommended daily exercise. When following this diet, you can expect to eat plenty of lean protein and oat bran, as well as drink lots of water. The theory is that by limiting carbohydrates, the body must use stored fat as its alternative energy source. Thus, by dramatically reducing carbs, this forces your body to burn fat instead.

The diet has four phases. Each phase tells dieters what they can eat. During the first phase known as the “Attack” phase, you are to eat as much lean protein as you can stomach, as well as one and a half tablespoons of oat bran, and a minimum of 6 cups of water per day. This phase lasts for 10 days.

The next three phases introduce other foods into the diet, but you are limited to how much you can eat. For instance, the second phase, “Cruise”, allows you to eat specific vegetables on specific days. The third phase, “Consolidation”, allows you to add foods like bread and cheese. The final phase, “Permanent Stabilization”, is ongoing and focuses on maintaining your weight. You can eat anything you want at this point, with the exception of one day when you are to follow the “Attack” phase rules. In addition, you are to walk 20 minutes per day, as well as eat 3 tablespoons of oat bran per day.

The guidelines for the Dukan Diet, which are outlined in detail in the official book, tell you exactly what to do and not to do when following this plan. The official website is also an excellent source of information for this diet, providing dieters with recipes, coaching and more.

It is possible to lose weight following the Dukan Diet, especially during the first phase. Obtaining the necessary food is easy, as is preparing meals. That said, this is an extremely limited diet plan that focuses heavily on mainly eating oat bran and protein, which can be very difficult for some people to do continuously, especially over an extended period of time. Furthermore, this diet does not concentrate on fruits, healthy fats or whole grains, which are considered an essential part of a nutritious and balanced diet.

Anyone interested in trying the Dukan Diet should first speak with their healthcare provider.

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