Fat Burning Fusion reviewFat Burning Fusion is a no-nonsense at-home fitness video that has been designed for women. This exercise program is from Hollywood fitness instructor, Ellen Barrett. It combines Pilates, balance, and athletic movements. Barrett is known for infusing muscle-toning elements into flowing ballet. The cover of the Fat Burning Fusion video packaging states “Blast fat and flatter the female physique with a Pilates/dance flow.”

The fitness routine has been designed as a natural flowing progression. Every combination naturally works multiple muscles. For instance, you begin with a squat, engage in a travelling motion and then blend in the arm circles, while your abs remain constantly engaged. The types of moves vary and include everything from Pilates mermaids and butterflies, to classic leg lifts, to dance moves like pliés and arabesques.

The majority of the 40-minute workout is done standing. It involves squats, twists, and back extensions, among other movements. The goal of the workout is muscle extension, good form, and grace. It is an all-in-one stretch and cardio fitness program.

Fat Burning Fusion is only one workout in Barrett’s “The Studio” DVD series. It is low-impact, done barefoot, and requires no gear and apparel other than a Pilates mat. This is a major bonus, because the only cost you will have is the one-time purchase of a mat, if you don’t already own one, and the one-time purchase of the Fat Burning Fusion DVD, which can be found online for under $15.00.

While Fat Burning Fusion has received many positive reviews, with many exercisers finding the routine to provide a good overall workout that they can feel, others complain that it does not challenge them enough and find that other workouts in her DVD series are better.

This workout would likely be best for someone looking for a simple at-home low-impact routine that will work their muscles, but not to an overly demanding degree. Anyone looking for a much more intense workout might find more satisfaction from another kind of fitness program.

Prior to starting any exercise routine, you should make sure that it is appropriate for your specific fitness level. If you have doubts, talk to your doctor. To lower the risk of injury and to ensure the best results, always make sure that you follow all exercise instructions correctly, let your muscles adequately rest between workouts, and don’t push yourself. You should feel a workout, but it shouldn’t hurt. Listen to your body.