FitDesk v2.0 reviewFitDesk v2.0 is a unique upright exercise bike that has been designed to appeal to working professionals, students, or frequent computer users, who have a hard time fitting a regular fitness session into their busy lifestyle, and who are looking for a way to combine the two experiences.

The FitDesk bike design enables users to sit and pedal on a stationary bike, while they surf the net, check their emails, chat, connect with others via social media, play games, or do whatever other activities they enjoy off or online via their laptop computer. In other words, it lets you comfortably use your computer while you obtain a great cardiovascular workout and burn calories at the same time.

More specifically, the FitDesk v2.0 model is a lightweight folding exercise bike that features a sliding desk platform. The unique patent-pending desk provides user with a comfortable arm rest comprised of contoured massage rollers. Meanwhile, the desk platform provides the perfect surface for a laptop and secures it in place.

The bike has been designed to be highly functional. The sliding desk allows your hands to naturally fall where it feels the most comfortable. The arm rest is adjustable, providing support and comfort for people of varying heights. The bike is also equipped with a convenient storage drawer where you can store small items that you may need, such as your phone, pens, etc.

As for the bike portion of the exercise machine, it provides a smooth and quiet ride. Although a small and lightweight product (47 pounds), the twin belt, high velocity flywheel makes the bike feel much bigger than it is.

This particular second generation FitDesk model has all the benefits that the original offered, as well as new and improved comfort features. For instance, it lets you experience a “back lead” or a “forward lean” ride. The recommended weight limit is 250 pounds.

Another excellent feature of this particular exercise machine is that it can be easily locked, is compact, and can fold. This makes it both easy to use and store. You can take it with you just about anywhere.

The FitDesk v2.0 provides a decent resistance and cardiovascular workout. It may be the ideal solution for you if you want to burn calories, lose weight, and stay in shape, without having to shut off your computer to do it. However, if you are interested in experiencing an all-over intense body workout, an at-home gym system may be better suited to your fitness needs.

At the time this review was written, the FitDesk v2.0 cost $299.99.