French Women Don't Get Fat Diet ReviewFrench Women Don’t Get Fat is more than just a weight loss diet with an amusing name. The diet is based on the principles of Mireille Guiliano, who is the author of “French Women Don’t Get Fat: The Secrete of Eating for Pleasure” Most dieters would likely be pleased to know that when Guiliano means “eating for pleasure”, among other things, she’s referring to eating chocolate and cheese and drinking wine.

Of course, there’s a lot more to this diet than eating “pleasure” foods. The trick is to choose quality over quantity in the foods that you eat. According to Guiliano, weight loss is achieved by eating three meals a day at regular times. Small portions of high-quality foods and savoring every bite that you eat is very important. In addition, exercising, including taking regular walks and some weight training, is recommended as is keeping good posture and breathing properly.

More specifically, there are four phases to the French Women Don’t Get Fat Diet. These include:

1. The Wake-Up Call. During this phase you keep track of all the foods you eat for three weeks to find out which foods should remain in your diet and which ones should be removed.

2. Getting Started. For the next three months you will learn about French food, appropriate portion sizes and focus on drinking lots of water.

3. Stabilization. Use new tools to reach your goal weight and maintain it.

4. The Rest of Your Life. The lifestyle habits you adopted from going through these three phases you will now follow for the rest of your life.

In terms of what you can eat, you’ll find that the diet is not overly restrictive, with the exception of the first two days. During the first two days, you will engage in a semi-fast where you will only drink lots of water and eat leek soup. Guiliano claims that her leek soup will help encourage weight loss, but there is absolutely no evidence to support her claim. You will slim down but this is only because you will lose water weight (which you will gain back) and are ingesting so few calories. This is the least healthiest part of this diet.

That said, after these two days, while you will still need to drink lots of water, you will start to include vegetables, fruits and fish to your diet. You will eat these foods based on the daily menu samples provided in her book or online via the official website of French Women Don’t Get Fat.

In essence, Guiliano recommends that those who follow her plan eat a variety of fresh and seasonal ingredients with many herbs and seasonings. She also recommends eating two servings of yogurt daily. Liquor is not permitted but wine and champagne are allowed. As for sweets, while they are not off limits, these can be enjoyed in very small amounts.

What’s good about this diet is that no food is actually forbidden. The diet focuses more on the quality of food, controlling portion sizes, drinking lots of water and establishing an healthy and positive relationship with food and eating.

Furthermore, the majority of the recipes recommended for this diet are fairly simple and require fewer than 10 ingredients. Everything you need to know can be found in her book or online. Plus, if you visit the website, you’ll find additional information as well as can connect with others who are following the plan.

It is possible to lose weight on this plan if you follow its principles. Overall – aside from the two leek soup days – the French Women Don’t Get Fat Diet is sensible. That being said, it is important to point out that this diet may be more suitable for individuals seeking to lose some weight. Those who are excessively overweight or obese and who need to lose a lot of weight quickly, are unlikely to benefit from this diet.

It’s always best to consult with your doctor first before making any dietary changes in regard to weight loss.