Garcinia Cambogia Extra reviewGarcinia Cambogia Extra is an over-the-counter diet pill that claims to be both an appetite suppressant and a metabolism booster. Therefore, it was designed to help a person lose weight by reducing their hunger levels and increasing their energy level, which can result in more calories being burned and slower weight gain.

The two known ingredients in the formula are Garcinia Cambogia and Raspberry Ketone. However, whether or not there are other ingredients, binders or fillers contained in this product is unclear, as the official website for the product only mentions these two ingredients.

The primary ingredient is Garcinia Cambogia extract. This comes from a small green fruit plant that looks like a pumpkin, which contains an active substance known as Hydroxycritic acid (HCA). According to the official product site, it functions as a fat burner, mood enhancer, and appetite suppressant.

Raspberry Ketone, on the other hand, is said to assist the body in naturally burning fat and is believed to have a connection with a hormone known as adiponectin, which is responsible for regulating different metabolic processes and the body’s fat percentage. That being said, neither one of these ingredients have been thoroughly studied to prove their efficacy or safety for weight loss. There is not enough scientific evidence to prove that the claims that have been made about them are true.

Moreover, the official online product page claims that Garcinia Cambogia Extra can help you achieve “tighter abs”, “thinner legs”, and a “firmer bum”, but no diet pill by itself could help you achieve toned abs or buttocks without exercise and nowhere on the site, when this review was written, is there any mention of taking this diet pill in conjunction with exercise.

As for side effects, it has been said of Garcinia Cambogia Extra that it has little to no side effects. That being said, this product has been linked to side effects including headache and nausea. Furthermore, Raspberry Ketone contains Synephrine. In rare circumstances, this could result in dangerous adverse affects such as high blood pressure, heart palpitations and strokes.

The product can be purchased online on the official site and comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. There are different packages that can be selected.

Prior to taking Garcinia Cambogia Extra, it would be wise for you to first consult with your healthcare provider to make sure that this product is safe for you to take.