High School Reunion Diet reviewWith a name like the “High School Reunion Diet,” it likely doesn’t come as much of a surprise that what this weight loss plan promises is that by following it you will shed those extra pounds and look your best when you reunite with your friends and peers from high school. It sounds appealing. However, the question is: can it live up to its promise?

The creator behind the diet and the book “The High School Reunion Diet: Younger, Thinner, and Smarter in 30 Days”, Dr. David Colbert, is a renowned dermatologist and internist. He designed this diet to help followers rid their system of toxins and attain and maintain health and beauty. This is achieved by following a special food diet and engaging in daily exercise, which includes lots of walking.

Following the High School Reunion Diet requires you to eat a mix of foods, which primarily consists of whole vegetables and fruits (no juice), beans, legumes, seeds, nuts, whole grains (whole wheat brown rice, barley, steel-cut oats, etc.), low-fat dairy (ex. low-fat cheese and plain yogurt), lean meats and fish. Meats and fish should make up the smallest portion on a plate, with vegetables making up the larger portion.

As for what’s off limits, this includes processed foods (ex. prepackaged meats, snacks, etc.), refined carbohydrates (ex. white bread), soda, diet soda, ice tea, lemonade, energy drinks, beer and hard liquor. Red wine can be consumed in moderation but, primarily, those who follow this diet are encouraged to mostly drink water.

As for exercise, while no specific exercise plan is provided, dieters are encouraged to engage in exercise activities daily and should walk as much as possible.

On the plus side, you won’t have to count calories when you follow the High School Reunion Diet. You simply need to stick to the food plan and guidelines. The changes that the diet requires you to make are generally considered healthy and research has shown that by consuming a diet high in vegetables, fruits and whole grains but that is low on meats, refined carbs and prepackaged foods can help a person lose and manage their weight.

That being said, making these changes may be easier said than done for some people. Revamping your diet will likely require self-control as you adapt to what you should eat and what you should avoid. This diet will not be ideal for those who prefer a diet with more structure or who enjoy the occasional splurge. Furthermore, it should also be noted that this specific diet has never been clinically studied or proven effective for weight loss.

Overall, the High School Reunion Diet appears to be a healthy weight loss plan. Be that as it may, you should still consult with your doctor about your plans to start a new diet for weight loss, to make sure that it is a safe plan for your specific lifestyle and health.