Hula Chair reviewsCan you get a massage and a core muscle workout just by sitting in a chair? According to the makers behind the Hula Chair you certainly can! The Hula Chair is an actual chair that has been designed to create the ab-workout sensation that mimics a hula hoop or the movement of a hula dancer, while you sit down. The chair can supposedly be used anywhere including at home or at the office. You just sit, switch on the setting that you want and the seat’s hula movements do all the work for you while you just sit there.

The two main ways in which this chair is supposed to help is to provide a rhythmic massage and to tone muscles. The massage focuses on core muscle groups including the lower back, thighs and abdominals. As for toning muscles, the Hula Chair is said to tone abs for a more defined waist and strengthen hip muscles to make your behind shapelier. The chair can apparently be added to your weight loss routine.

In addition, some people claim that the chair also helps with indigestion and constipation and can ease stiffness, as well as minor aches and pains. The steady motion is believed to help improve balance and coordination as it provides a gentle workout on the lumbar region.

The Hula Chair features 9 speeds with manual control and there are 3 different chair sizes available to accommodate different needs.

Unfortunately, there is absolutely no proof that using the Hula Chair will help with weight loss or provide any other health benefit. Furthermore, it is highly unlikely that you will lose any weight with this chair or that you will tone your muscles.

Also, it is difficult to imagine being able to do anything in this chair when the seat is in motion. It has different speeds and really moves around, which would make it difficult for you to perform any tasks when you’re being jerked around in a hula motion.

Another disappointing feature about this chair is the cost. The chair carries a price tag of about $250.

More of a gimmick than an actual practical device, the Hula Chair may be something you find fun to sit in but it’s highly unlikely to help you reduce your weight, tone your abs and your behind.

It is strongly recommended that you consider other exercise equipment for weight loss. At the very least, be sure to learn more about this chair and see it in action before buying it.