Insanity Fitness Program ReviewThe Insanity Fitness program is an extreme workout routine from Beachbody, a company known for its several popular fitness programs. Insanity is one of the company’s top sellers and it has been designed to transform a person’s body in 60 days (2 months). This DVD workout program pushes the limits of those who follow it and may be a little too intense for beginners.

To create Insanity, Beachbody partnered with a reputable television and theater dancer, Shaun T, who has also produced other fitness programs for the company, including Rockin Body, Hip Hop Abs and Fit Kids Club.

Like Beacbody’s other products, Insanity is an at-home DVD-based program. It includes 10 DVDs of workouts. More specifically, those who order this program will receive a workout calendar, an elite nutrition plan, a fitness guidebook, and 10 different workouts, each targeting different areas of the body including cardiovascular, abs, plyometrics, resistance and more. That being said, the majority of the workouts are cardio based.

According to the official product website, Insanity is built around “Max Interval Training”. This means that the workouts keep a person’s body working at its full capacity for the entire length of the exercise session. It keeps pushing your limits so your body is forced to adapt to it. In essence, the fitness program can lead to rapid weight loss by focusing on intense cardiovascular strength, endurance, and development, and lean muscle tissue development.

Each workout program is anywhere from 30 to 80 minutes long. Each of the workouts has been created to challenge the exercisers ability and determination to maintain extreme physical activity over a prolonged period of time. The workout calendar and fitness guidebook outline a schedule for two months that shows an individual precisely which workout should be performed each day and how they should continue to progress throughout the entire length of the program.

This is a reasonably priced produt. At the time of this review, when ordered from the official Beachbody site, it comes with bonus gifts and a 60-day money back guarantee.

The Insanity Fitness program can help a person lose weight and tone their body when followed correctly. However, the exercises are very extreme and, despite having a workout designed for beginners, this exercise plan may not be ideal for everyone. It is recommended that you first speak with your healthcare provider to determine your level of fitness before you engage in such an intense exercise regimen.