Jenny Craig  reviewJenny Craig is a paid diet program and weight loss system. It assists dieters – both men and women – in their efforts to lose and manage their weight. According to the official website for Jenny Craig, this diet program was designed by an “expert team of registered dieticians and medical advisors”. It was initially created by Jenny Craig and her husband Sidney Craig, in 1983.

Being a paid diet program, Jenny Craig has a membership fee, which means you pay to take part in the program. There is an enrollment and monthly fee, as well as additional food costs. That being said, the company often has promotions for new customers that includes free enrollment and/or the first month free. However, after the first month, you are charged a monthly membership fee. In addition, another great bonus is that non-members can gain free access to some of the official websites online weight loss tools, recipes, blogs, and other features.

For those who choose to join, a Jenny Craig membership includes one-on-one consultations with a professional weight loss consultant, which can take place over the phone or in person at a designated center. It also includes menus that are easy to follow, personalized activity plans, access to “Jenny’s Cuisine” featuring a variety of different meal options, and fully unlimited access to online tools where you can discover, learn and track your progress. Although the membership gives you access to meals, the cost is extra.

While there are several facets to the Jenny Craig weight loss system, the healthy pre-made meals are integral to it. There are meal options for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. There are also dessert items. Each meal fits into a specific calorie level and is designed to help members lose weight.

Although many Jenny Craig members agree that the food is tasty and they enjoy the convenience of not having to prepare their own meals, the most common complaint found among online customer reviews is that the portion sizes are small and do not satisfy their hunger. That being said, even though eating the pre-made meals is encouraged, members who would like to make their own meals can choose from a selection of different recipes, which can also cut down on the cost of this diet program.

Jenny Craig offers diverse weight loss programs that specifically cater to the needs of different types of dieters. There are programs designed for women, men, seniors, teens, and spouses. According to the official website, the average member loses between 1 and 2 pounds per week. Moreover, if new members do not lose 12 pounds within the first 12 consecutive weeks, they can get their money back, though restrictions apply.

The bottom line is that while you can lose and manage your weight with the Jenny Craig diet program, it can be very expensive over the long term.

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