Jillian Michaels Fitness Plan reviewThe Jillian Michaels fitness plan is an online fitness and diet plan designed to help people lose weight and get in shape. Michaels is a personal fitness trainer and advisor and is most widely known for her role as a fitness trainer in the popular reality television show The Biggest Loser. While she has authored a book and created a few fitness programs, this specific review focuses on her online fitness plan.

On her official fitness website, Michaels claims that her plan delivers “real results for real people.” The program is designed in a way that enables users to create a weight loss regimen that is based on their body and goals.

At the time that this review was written, on the official website for the plan, The Regimen was split up into different categories including “The Routine”, “Sample Fitness Plan”, “The Fuel”, “Sample Meal Plan”, “The Tools”, and so on. Starting with the routine, members are able to watch hundreds of exercise videos featuring Michaels and can obtain a personal workout plan designed just for them. Those who haven’t paid for a membership can view some of the videos for free.

The sample fitness plan provides daily workouts that let you get the most out of every move that you make. The fuel provides you with recipes for tasty and healthy meals from breakfast to dinner and also includes snacks and desserts, while the sample meal plan gives you a taste of the type of meal plan you would follow on her program.

The plan also features a variety of tools, such as a convenient mobile app that can help you count calories, track weight loss, and log workouts. Those who sign up for the program can also track key measurements, daily calorie consumption, weekly weight loss, and will also receive motivational video messages from Michaels when they achieve certain milestones.

Essentially, the Jillian Michaels fitness plan focuses on modifying the lifestyle of the person who follows it by requiring them to be more active and to eat healthy foods that support an active lifestyle.

While it is possible that this fitness plan may work for you, it is important that you first speak with your healthcare provider before making any notable changes to your diet or physical activity. Michaels may be a skilled fitness trainer but she’s not a doctor and her advice should not replace the advice of a medical professional. Regardless of what fitness plan you follow, make sure it is right for your physical level and needs.

It should be noted that although you can try it out for free, the Jillian Michaels online fitness plan is an on-going paid program that costs $5 per week. Members are billed $65 in advance quarterly (billing happens at the start of each 13 week subscription period) and you are charged when you first subscribe.