KETO OS reviewKETO//OS (Ketone Operating System) is a drink mix from Prüvit that is designed to elevate blood ketone levels in the body. Although not specifically marketed as a weight loss product, it is said to boost energy, sustain energy, aid in appetite suppression, and promote thermogenesis, which are all key components of many dietary supplements on the weight loss market. Furthermore, it is recommended that those who want the best results from this product should combine it with diet and exercise. The official product website specifically recommends the Paleolithic Diet or the Ketogenic Diet.

KETO//OS is supposedly based on a proprietary ketone energy technology that provides the body with advanced macro nutritionals and promotes optimized cellular regeneration, longevity and energy.

According to the official website, the human body was meant to burn ketones. As an energy source, ketones are faster and more efficient than how glucose is used by the body. KETO//OS is supposed to contain the ideal ratio of ketones for the perfect “protein synthesis and a high fiber based MCT formulation for sustained nutrient energy and digestive health and cognition.” This results in improved HDL (good cholesterol) levels, raises energy levels and provides a “nutritional foundation” to help a person lose weight and perform at their best.

The ingredients in this product include: MCT Powder, Beta Hydroxybutyrate, Natual Flavor, Malic Acid, Stevia and Caffeine.

According to the official product page, users are directed to dissolve 1 heaping scoop or OTG pack in 12-16oz. of cold water by either shaking or vigorously stirring. The drink can be taken with or without food. Individuals who are taking a “Therapeutic” dose will have 1 daily serving. Those who are seeking “optimal performance” will take 2 servings (am and pm). However up to 3 servings can be taken in a day (morning, afternoon, evening). That being said, users are instructed to first assess their tolerance by starting with 1 half serving per day and gradually increasing it up to 1 serving per day over several weeks. It is also said that to maximize energy, sustain energy and for appetite control, users should take KETO//OS first thing in the morning.

While the official site does provide plenty of references in an attempt to backup their claims, there is no solid evidence that taking this product will lead to ketosis and, even if it does happen, the results are not likely to last for long. Those seeking to take this product to lose weight will likely be disappointed with their results, unless they follow a keto diet with this product. Before doing that, they should first consult with their doctor to make sure that both the product and diet is safe for their lifestyle.

Some unpleasant side effects may occur from taking this product, such as stomach ache and loose stool. Considering this product also contains caffeine, stimulant-related side effects including sleep disturbances, jitters and anxiety may also occur in some people.