LA Weight Loss reviewLA Weight Loss is a diet program that promises dieters quick and easy weight loss. The diet is typically a center-based diet. What this means is that it requires followers to visit local LA Weight Loss centers for support, weekly weight-ins, and one-on-one meetings with counselors. That being said, for those who prefer to diet at home or who are not located near a center, there is an at-home program available that you can learn more about on their official website.

Those who follow the LA Weight Loss plan will likely be pleased to learn that you don’t have to count points or calories on this diet. This is a long-term maintenance plan that focuses on teaching portion control and permanent weight management.

The LA Weight Loss plan is split up into three different phases. The first phase is designed for weight loss, the second is a six-week stabilization period, and the final phase is the maintenance phase. How much weight a person looses depends on their personal goal. The diet is based around a menu plan, and these plans range from as low as 1,200 calories up to 2,400 calories per day.

For the most part, dieters can eat the majority of foods, as no foods are banned. However, they are encouraged to make healthy choices. That said, portion control is what is most important. Dieters can expect to purchase both supermarket foods, as well as LA Weight Loss brand food products, which are incorporated into menu plans. This includes the company’s exclusive brand of nutritional supplements, juices, bars, and snacks.

The plan aligns with the national recommendations of approximately 50%-55% carbs, 25%-35% protein, and 20% – 25% fat. Sodium is limited to 2,100 milligrams per day, and sugar and other sweet treats are off limits until the final phase of the plan. Caffeine is allowed, and alcohol is permitted in moderation.

On the whole, LA Weight Loss is likely to work for some people, especially when combined with regular exercise, as controlling portion sizes, limiting calories, salt, and sweets, can help reduce fat. Furthermore, you can expect a lot of support following this diet, as menu plans, recipes, tips, monthly newsletters, and counselor meetings are all part of the program.

However, the major downside of this plan is that it is very, very pricey. Although the online at-home plan is cheaper than attending the clinics, you can still expect to pay hundreds of dollars to partake in the at-home program. What’s more, it’s a cost that never ends, because the company wants you to make its products a part of your regular menu.

If you are interested in giving this program a try, it is highly recommended that you further investigate LA Weight Loss to determine if it is right for you, and to figure out how much it will cost you upfront and over the long-term.