Marcy Adjustable Utility Bench - SB510 reviewMarcy Adjustable Utility Bench – SB510 is an adjustable weight bench designed for working out your chest, abs, back and other areas. The bench can help you strengthen your core and your upper body. It can provide you with your own at-home gym workout.

The SB510 has been constructed to provide you with the comfort and support that you need to properly and efficiently train. The weight bench features a deluxe boxed upholstery made of high-quality, high-grade and high-density foam. In addition to providing comfort, the bench’s back pad can be adjusted to incline, decline and lie flat. By being able to be adjusted in various positions, this gives you the chance to work a variety of muscles from different angles.

The machine is also equipped with leg holders with foam roller pads. The leg holders are oversized and are also adjustable and help provide you with security as you workout in a declined position. In addition, the SB510 adapts to fit the majority of squat racks, Smith machines, half cages and other weight lifting equipment.

While the SB510 has received generally positive reviews, there are a few drawbacks about this exercise equipment that some users have pointed out. Some users found that while the bench can be adjusted, the device is stiff to adjust. Users have also claimed that the bench could not be adjusted to achieve a fully flat surface.

It should also be pointed out that in terms of back support, this bench cannot be adjusted to a full 90 degree angle. Additionally, it does not appear to fold up so it can be put away when not in use. If this is one of its features, the official site does not list it.

Overall, the Marcy Adjustable Utility Bench – SB510 is a pretty decent weight bench for the price for non-serious weight trainers. When this review was written, it was sold on the official Marcy Strength and Fitness Equipment webpage for $129.99.

That being said, while this weight bench can be purchased online, it would be wise to first find it in a local store where you can see it and try it out in person, to make sure it is what you want. Likewise, talk to your doctor before engaging in any new exercises using this device to make certain that it is fitness appropriate equipment that will suit your needs and expectations. Know your limitations to avoid injury.