Martha's Vineyard Diet Detox reviewMartha’s Vineyard Diet Detox is a short-term diet that, according to the official website, has been designed to “clear the body of harmful toxins that can cause many health-related issues.” It also says that one of the biggest benefits of following the detox program is weight loss. The site goes so far as to say “You lose 21 pounds in 21 days if you follow our program!”

This might sound pretty appealing to anyone who is looking to lose a lot of weight fast, but before you choose Martha’s Vineyard Diet Detox as your preferred weight loss method, you need to carefully consider just how healthy and practical this diet is for weight loss. First, it helps to know what the diet entails.

While the plan lasts for only a short period of time, it is very strict and intense. You will be required to drink many fluids, take supplements that have laxative effects, and even enemas are recommended to help you remove harmful toxins from your body and to lose weight. More specifically, this diet focuses on three main principles: Rest, Reduce, and Rebuild.

The body achieves Rest by not needing to chew food or exercise. Weight is Reduced from following a liquid based diet, and according to Roni DeLuz, the creator of the plan, the body’s cells will Rebuild following the 21-day plan.

The Martha’s Vineyard Diet Detox is an all-liquid diet. Meat, processed food, and any food that must be chewed are not allowed. In addition, cow’s milk, alcohol, and coffee (except when it comes time for the weekly enema) are not permitted. Consuming the recommended liquids for this diet add up to about 1,000 calories per day.

To follow this diet properly, and for best results, at the time this reviews was written, it is recommended that you obtain DeLuz’s book “21 Pounds in 21 Days: The Martha’s Vineyard Diet Detox”, and the detox kit, which included all of the drinks that you require for the full 21 days plus 9 days of maintenance. The book cost $12.74 and the kit cost $213.95.

While the cost of the plan isn’t astronomical considering it covers all of your food for 21 days, what is alarming is that following a diet this extreme, even for a short-period of time, can be very dangerous for certain people. This plan does not provide sufficient protein (only 20 grams a day) and significantly restricts calories. The risk of suffering from fatigue, mood swings, headache, and other unpleasant side effects is very likely.

You will lose weight following this diet, but the weight you will lose is water and muscle mass, not fat. Therefore, once you complete the diet you are likely to gain back all of the weight you have lost. Furthermore, as is the case with other detox diets, these diets do not actually “cleanse” or “detoxify” your system. Detoxing your body is a natural function of your liver, kidneys, and other organs in your body.

According to many nutritionists, it would be far safe, healthier and more practical for a person to lose weight by following a diet that consisted of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, low-fat dairy, and whole grains and one that was low in processed foods, refined sugar, salt, and alcohol.

It should also be pointed out that while Roni DeLuz has her PhD, is a registered nurse (RN) and is a naturopathic doctor (ND), she is not a medical doctor. You are strongly urged to consult with your personal healthcare provider before partaking in Martha’s Vineyard Diet Detox.