My Trainer Fitness for At Work reviewMy Trainer Fitness for At Work is an exercise program that has been designed with six different complete workout plans that are meant for people to complete while they are at a desk. Whether you have a large office or a cubicle, these exercises are supposed to be possible to complete even in the tiniest space.

These workouts to go are printed on six different laminated cards to make them light and easy to transport and simple to display so you can follow them. That said, they will require the user to have certain additional tools available, such as a resistance band and small dumbbells, so it will be best for people who are able to keep things at work either in a locker or locked in a desk as it is not practical for most people to tote hand weights to work each day. That said, for people who can’t haul out the exercise equipment at their desks, there are also options for using your own body weight for resistance.

The workouts are designed to be quick to complete and are designed for the purposes of supporting health and overall wellness by completing certain fitness tasks throughout the work day instead of remaining idle the entire time. According to the official product description these types of workouts fit well into corporate wellness programs and will allow employees to be able to complete various physical fitness exercises within their work clothes and without having to change into fitness attire.

The six workouts included in the My Trainer Fitness for At Work plans can be done either all at once or can be split up into small breaks that can be done throughout the length of the day. They are created to provide dynamic bursts of activities that can either be completed in breaks of 5 to 10 minutes or in 20 to 30 minute breaks, depending on what is most useful to the individual user’s schedule.

These workouts can also be completed at home or while traveling. As they do not require a great deal of space, it is possible to complete some of these workout plans in places like airports or hotel rooms.

According to the description of the plan, by completing these workouts, you should feel energized. Therefore, they have the potential to help people who find that they have drooping energy levels at various times of the work day.