Noom Diet ReviewThe Noom Diet has been making quite a lot of noise over the last couple of years or so.  After all, it has been pouring itself into marketing on social media, television, and everywhere else it can find a spot. The weight loss market is, after all, an exceptionally competitive one, and if it wanted to go up against giants like Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig, it would need to have a lot of exposure to reach interested dieters. So that’s just what it did.

What is the Noom Diet?

The Noom Diet is an eating strategy, fitness, and weight loss program wrapped into an app.  Of course, that on its own doesn’t help it to stand out nowadays, either. It claims to be the “last weight-loss program you’ll ever need,” on its official website, which suggests it offers more than the hundreds of other programs and apps out there.  It states that you’ll have the equivalent of the assistance of a trainer, nutritionist and health coach all in one convenient application.

Is the Noom Diet any different from other applications and programs? Actually, yes, in most cases.  While the principles it uses as its foundation are pretty established and commonplace, it has combined many well-known and existing strategies into one package. So, while no individual component is all that unique, as a package, it is relatively different from other offerings.

What Do You Get with the App?

The primary focus of the Noom Diet is behavioral changes in your diet to support weight loss. It does focus on other lifestyle changes as well.  The idea is to build new habits so you’ll lose the weight and then keep it off, instead of following a short-term structure that will lead to weight loss that will only come back when you’re finished dieting.

The app shows you the best foods for you to eat (rating them on a traffic light scale of green (to be focused on the most) to yellow to red (for more limited consumption).  Typically speaking, doctors and dieticians try to avoid labeling foods as “good” and “bad”, as it will harm a dieter’s relationship with food and simply hasn’t been found to be effective. However, the Noom Diet doesn’t appear to be focused on good and bad foods as much as educating dieters about the foods they’re eating and what they can consume regularly in large quantities and what should be saved for smaller portions or occasional treats instead.  The ultimate goal is making balanced choices.

The Noom Diet Requires Commitment

The Noom Diet isn’t necessarily easy.  It requires lifestyle changes and dedication to breaking old habits while building new ones.  These are among the biggest challenges to weight loss.  That said, it offers information, support, and interactive features on its app to help keep dieters on track, even during the tedious components of having to read new information and take quizzes throughout the day.

Still, for individuals who are committed to developing a healthier lifestyle that will build a long-term approach to weight management, the application does provide the tools to help in this regard. Moreover, it isn’t cheap.  The 12-week program comes with a cost, which could help many dieters to take it more seriously.