Rasva reviewsRasva Natural Fat Binder is a non-prescription diet pill manufactured by KitoZyme SA and distributed by Famous Rainbow. This natural fat binding diet supplement claims to provide dieters with a variety of benefits. According to the official website, it is “clinically proven in Europe” to reduce the absorption of fat from food, helps control weight when used with a “fat conscious diet”, and is a treatment for excess weight and weight control. It is also said to lower the amount of cholesterol the body absorbs from food.

Rasva prevents your body from absorbing a portion of dietary fats and cholesterol. Each capsule contains a gel that is fiber-based. The manufacturers of the product state that the gel forms a non-soluble compound when it binds with dietary fats. This compound naturally passes through the body as water and is eliminated. According to the official website, Rasva “binds up to 800 times its own weight of fat”. It binds to the fat in foods like pizza, cake, and other fatty foods, and keeps the body from digesting and absorbing them.

Rasva contains a single active ingredient, KiOnutrime-C. This natural fiber is the vegetarian version of Chitosan (which is typically derived from the shells of shrimps and crabs). KiOnutrime-C is made from a natural fungus called Aspergillus Niger Mycelium, which is high in vitamin C. While the official site does provide some information on how the supplement works, it doesn’t provide a full list of ingredients or detailed directions on how to best use it for optimal and healthy weight loss results.

Does it work? Unfortunately, chitosan is a substance that has sparked much debate in terms of its effectiveness for weight management and weight loss. While the general consensus is that it may assist in reducing the absorption of fat, there is evidence that suggests it does not have this effect on the body. More research is needed to confirm its efficacy as a fat binder/blocker.

Furthermore, while the official website makes plenty of claims that Rasva has been developed with the assistance of international scientists, that it is “33% more efficient than other fat-binders” and that it is clinically proven, there is no solid evidence that this supplement will actually facilitate weight loss. The site is very attractive, but it doesn’t provide any real scientific proof about how effective the formula really is for weight reduction or give any indication of the type of results that dieters can expect.

Rasva is sold online on the official website and is also available for purchase from reputable companies that include Holland and Barrett and Amazon. This is not a cheap product. At the time of this writing, a single box (60 capsules) on the official site, sells for 24.95 pounds. This may not sound like a lot, but considering the standard month supply is 120 capsules, and the recommended monthly supply is 180 capsules, the cost really ads up. For anyone making a purchase outside of Europe, this is an expensive weight loss product!

Rasva is not recommended for everyone. Users of this diet supplement should drink plenty of water when taking it to prevent constipation. Most dieters take it for only 4 weeks and take between 2 – 3 capsules, twice per day, 15 minutes before meals. It is designed to be used with a fat-conscious diet and exercise. It is a good idea to speak to your medical practitioner before taking this product.

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