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As the name suggests, the Raw Food Diet is just that, a diet that consists of the dieter exclusively eating – or mostly eating – foods (preferably organic) that are raw or unprocessed. This means foods that have not been cooked, microwaved, genetically engineered, irradiated, or exposed to herbicides or pesticides.

For hundreds of years, raw food has been studied to determine its effects on human health. Over the years, the diet has evolved. Numerous books have been written about the Raw Food Diet and there are different versions you can follow.

How Does the Raw Food Diet Work?

As was mentioned, there is more than one diet that can be followed, which can be very good for the dieter, because it allows them to create their own plan. That said, despite what version of the diet one might follow, approximately 75% to 80% of food that is ingested each day should be foods that are plant-based.

These foods are not to be heated any higher than 115°F. In addition, many Raw Food Diet supporters recommended dieters engage in juicing. The reason is they believe that fruit and vegetable juices are a quick and effective way for the body to absorb essential nutrients. This type of diet tends to be very popular among vegans and vegetarians.

It is a common belief that the Raw Food Diet clears the body of built up toxins. It is also believed that this diet provides the body with more energy, and also helps to stabilize body weight. Loss of weight can occur due to low calorie consumption.

Most dieters who follow this plan often eat only half of the calories they would consume with a cooked diet. Advocates of the diet claim that cooking food destroys the majority of its vitamins, as well as almost all the immune-boosting benefits that come from plant nutrients. However, there isn’t enough scientific proof to back these claims.

What are the ingredients? Although it would be virtually impossible to list them all, the following is a general list of some of the foods that an individual following the Raw Food Diet may eat: fresh fruits, vegetables, berries, seeds, nuts, whole and natural herbs, and grains. 

What are the Advantages?

  • More than one book is available – Several books have been written about the Raw Food Diet and they can be easily purchased online. This is highly beneficial because this means that you have the chance to choose from different sources and read a variety of book reviews to find out what each book is about and what other people thought of them. The more you can improve your knowledge of the diet, the more likely you are to find what works best for your goals and lifestyle.
  • Follow the diet that works best for you – You can shape your diet and follow the one that works best for you. Since there is more than one type of Raw Food Diet that you can follow, you have the freedom to choose a strategy that is the most ideal for your particular needs, desires and overall day-to-day lifestyle. It is important to choose a diet that is not only healthy but is also one that is sensible and that you can follow. This diet provides you with different options as the goal is to eat mostly or exclusively raw foods.
  • Reduces cardiovascular diseaseStudies have found that a high consumption of fruits and vegetables is associated with lower risk for cardiovascular disease.
  • Naturally helps to eliminate toxins from your body – By eating a diet that is mostly plant-based and rich and vitamins and nutrients, you can eliminate toxins from your body. This can be achieved as eating these whole, nutritious foods can help to improve your digestion and provide your vital organs with the nutrition they need to function at their best to eliminate toxins from the body. 

What are the Disadvantages?

  • This diet is not appropriate for all dieters – Individuals who suffer from specific medical conditions should not follow this diet without first speaking with their doctor. Consulting with your healthcare provider is also important if you are currently taking medications to treat a health condition or if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant.
  • This diet may be beyond certain budgets – The Raw Food Diet involves regular juicing, which requires quality juicing machines that may be expensive to purchase. Moreover, some people may find the novelty of juicing to wear off over time. This diet will require consistency.
  • Very restrictive diet – This weight loss plan requires the user to dramatically alter their diet, which could result in the elimination of foods the dieter enjoys. As such, this may be a difficult diet for some individuals to follow. Moreover, it’s important to make sure that you are consuming all the necessary nutrients you need if you have made the decision to only eat plant-based foods. In this case, beyond speaking with your doctor, you might find it beneficial to speak with a professional dietitian.

What it all comes down to is that the Raw Food Diet can lead to weight loss for those who strictly follow the diet, as they typically eat fewer calories compared to other dieters following other programs. However, this is a stringent diet that has a lot of rules and is one of the more difficult weight loss programs to follow.


As is the case with any diet, it is very important to learn as much as you can about the Raw Food Diet before you decide to implement it into your lifestyle for health, weight loss, or any other reason.


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