RIPT90 Fit ReviewRIPT90 Fit is a 90-day (3 month) fitness program from X-TRAINFIT. It features Jody Hendrix, a personal trainer and fitness expert, and has been designed to provide resistance interval polymetrics training to help you “get in the best shape of your life”.

The 90-day program is structured to deliver to users an exceptional, athletic physique. This is achieved by combining “plateau-defying workouts” with “disciplined nutrition.” Reportedly, RIPT90 Fit has applied everything that was learned from the thousands of consumers who took part in the initial RIPT90 fitness program that was launched a few years previous and also features Hendrix. This new program has supposedly improved upon the workouts from the previous plan to maximize results.

Get ready for some fast-paced and intense workouts. In total there are 12 workouts and each one has been designed to build long lean muscles in approximately 30 minutes a day or less though exercises that focus on resistance, interval and plyometic training. The 12 workouts, which are on 12 DVD’s include: RIPT90 Fit Abs, Abs & Legs, Arms & Shoulders, Chest & Arms, Metabolic Mania, Minute by Minute, Lung Burner, Legs & Glutes, Back & Quads, Body Fat Breakdown and Hard Core Chest.

Each workout will help you to shred fat and build lean muscle. What’s more, each one also demonstrates modification levels. Therefore, regardless if you are a beginner or ready to take on the advanced level, these workouts have been created to accommodate different fitness levels.

The fitness program also comes with 4 tools, including a Training Guide, Nutrition Guide, Training Calendar and Workout Tracker as well as a bonus Stretch workout. This bonus workout can help with recovery and injury prevention.

With that in mind, you should know that resistance bands or dumbbells are required for some of the workouts and a pull-up bar is recommended. None of these are included in the program package that you can purchase.

When this reviews was written, the full program could be purchased online via the X-TRAINFIT website as well as on Amazon for $29.99, which is a pretty reasonable price considering what you get.

RPIT90 Fit appears to be a fairly decent fitness program, especially since it combines both exercise with a nutrition plan. That being said, this doesn’t mean that is the right choice for everyone. It is recommended that you first discuss your fitness goals with your healthcare provider before engaging in this program.