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Did you know that not all oral weight loss products come in the form of tablets and capsules? Sensa is a weight loss system that is designed to reduce your appetite with no pill involved. To obtain the benefits of the Sensa system, all you need to do is sprinkle the tiny crystals of this weight loss formula on your food, in the same way you would shake salt or pepper on your meal.

What is Sensa Exactly?

According to the official website, it is a monthly weight loss system. There are 6 months in the system, with each month containing a different proprietary blend of crystal tastants (substances that stimulate the sense of taste). The tastants are not supposed to affect the taste of what you eat.

Sensa was created by Dr. Alan Hirsh, a board certified neurologist and leading authority on taste and smell. Hirsh has spent over twenty years studying the sensory system of the human body and has written six books related to the topic.

What Benefits Does it Claim to Provide?

Some advantages that the manufacturer has claimed that Sensa can provide include:

  • Appetite suppression by suppressing the hunger hormone ghrelin
  • Calorie blocking
  • No jitters
  • Significant total body fat loss
  • Reshape your entire body

Additionally, those who have taken this product have commented in reviews that they do like how easy the product is to use and that there are no diet restrictions.

How Does it Work?

The Sensa system supposedly helps curb the user’s hunger through their sense of smell. It tricks your brain into thinking that you are full, resulting in a decrease in appetite and the consumption of less food.

You simply shake the tastants evenly over the whole surface of your food right before you are going to eat it. The claim is that, with Sensa, you can still enjoy all the foods you would normally have and experience the benefits of appetite suppression, as long as you shake Sensa on everything you eat.

Note: Sensa is for food only and is not meant to be used in liquids, which make the product ineffective. 

What Ingredients will you find in the Product?

When this Sensa review was created, the formula consisted of the following ingredients:

  • Corn-derived Maltodrexin,
  • Silica,
  • Tricalcium Phophate,
  • Milk Ingredients,
  • Soy,
  • Carmine,
  • Natural and Artificial Flavors

As you can see from the above ingredients, there appears to be nothing magical about this formula, nor does it appear to contain any ingredients that have been clinically proven to cause appetite suppression. This seems to be yet another OTC product for weight loss that likes to make big claims without having any real science to back it up.

What Do You Get with This System?

The Sensa system comes with two shakers for each of the 6 months:

  • One shaker for home
  • One shaker to take with you wherever you go

Each shaker is split into two compartments, one labeled “salty” and the other “sweet”. Salty tastants are meant for salty foods and sweet tastants for sweet. When you order this weight loss system from the official site, you will receive a six month supply of Sensa, as well as a how-to guide and a DVD.

What’s the Final Verdict?

On the plus side, this weight loss system is made in the USA and was developed by Dr. Alan Hirsch, a renowned expert of sensory response. Furthermore, there is plenty of detailed information about Sensa on the official website. The product has also received many positive reviews from users.

That said, this system is not suitable for everyone, and there is no proof that Sensa is a practical long-term weight loss solution. Moreover, this product has received negative reviews, including some in which users have complained that Sensa causes stomach irritation.

Finally, there is no evidence that the Sensa system will provide better results compared to other similar weight loss products on the market. Regular exercise, a sensible diet and portion control is recommended when using Sensa, and the average weight loss is 10 pounds in 3 months or longer. 

September 2019 Update: Sensa can still be purchased from third party sellers on Amazon. However, Amazon itself no longer sells the product directly. What’s more, the official website is gone. It seems that Sensa’s popularity didn’t last and neither did it. The company behind it found itself on the losing side of some significant lawsuits due to false claims and many people who purchased the product were refunded as a result. In short, the product on which this review was based has been discontinued.

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