Simply Fit Board ReviewThe Simply Fit Board is a small portable, plastic exercise device designed to strengthen core muscles as well as help reduce waist fat. On a more basic level, it is a balance board that enhances workouts.

Balance boards are not anything new. They have been around for many years and come in all different shapes, sizes and price ranges. That said, some makes are better than others and the Simply Fit Board seems to be one of the better options on the market.

Aside from the device getting its start on Shark Tank and being an As Seen On TV product, what makes the Simply Fit Board stand out is i’s style, price, ability to improve balance, ease of use, portability, and its effective and cheap (and even free) accompanying workout videos.

The Simply Fit Board is made of durable plastic so it’s easy to clean. The curved board measure 26″L x 11″W x 3/4″D. It weighs only 3 pounds and can support up to 400 pounds. There is one slot on each end of the device, making it easy to pick up and carry. It is portable and can be easily taken anywhere and conveniently stores away in closets, under beds, etc. When this review was created, there were five colors available: orange, green, magenta, blue and purple. The board (which also comes with a workout DVD and User Guide) could be purchased for as low as $38.99 on Amazon.

In addition to the board, the company behind the board also produces a workout mat ($18.99 on Amazon) that measure “25.5” x 18″ and provides the ideal surface for the board as well as protects floors. They also sell a variety of workout DVD’s each for $9.99.

The official product page for the Simply Fit Board claims that it can tone abs, legs and your entire core while improving your balance. All you need to do is “Just stand on board and twist”.

While this might sound a little too good to be true, according to research from the American College of Sports Medicine, balance exercises can assist with balance training which can provide benefits such as strengthen muscles, conditions the body, rehabilitates injuries, improves posture alignment and stability, and can help prevent falls. The Mayo Clinic also believes that when balance exercises are a part of a daily routine they can help improve stability.

While there is no guarantee that you’ll shed belly fat using the Simply Fit Board, it is likely to strengthen your balance, which is a big benefit. That being said, if you decide to use this device, remember to follow the instructions, guides and videos to perform exercises properly.

As always, if you’re not sure if it’s appropriate for you, consult with your doctor before use.