Slim Bomb reviewSlim Bomb is an OTC diet pill that is manufactured by Slimming Solutions. According to the official product website, the manufacturer claims that Slim Bomb is its “best selling product ever”. The popular weight loss supplement that is recognized for its notably bright blue colored capsules has been on the market for several years in the United Kingdom.

The way that Slim Bomb is said to work is it activates thermogenesis (the creation of heat) in the body. It causes appetite suppression and increases metabolic rate so the user burns off more calories, which leads to weight loss. There are three ingredients that make up the formula: Cha de Bugre, Green Tea Leaf Extract, and Caffeine.

Some studies have found that green tea leaf extract has shown to provide a slight metabolic enhancement when used in adequate quantities. Positive results were found in studies involving 500mg of green tea per day. The amount of green tea in Slim Bomb is 200 mg per 2 capsules, and since the recommended dosage per day is 4 capsules, that would total the amount to 400 mg per day. While it is possible that this amount of the substance could be effective for weight loss, there are no studies to prove that it is.

Cha de Bugre is a popular ingredient found in many OTC weight loss pills. It is believed to have many potential health benefits such as improving heart function, blood circulation and boosting the immune system. It is also a common belief that the fruits of this tree native to Brazil can reduce appetite. That said, there is no scientific evidence to support this claims or its effectiveness on weight loss.

Aside from caffeine, which is a stimulant, the two other ingredients in the formula also contain stimulants. Although stimulants can have positive effects, such as increasing energy, which can make it easier for a person to exercise and burn off more calories, they can also have negative effects, especially for those who have a low tolerance to these substances. Some adverse affects may include jitters, anxiety, shakiness, headache, insomnia, nausea, nervousness, and so on.

According to the FAQ section on the official website for the product at the time this review was written, users of the product can lose anywhere from 1 to 9 pounds per week. Slim Bomb can be purchased from the site and there are different packages available.

It is recommended that you first speak with your healthcare provider before you take this diet pill.