Slimmies reviewSlimmies is a weight loss aid that comes from Mediacom and is in the form of small chocolate chews. This weight loss product helps to make a person feel full so they eat less. According to the official product page, this dietary supplement promises to contribute to weight reduction, reduce feelings of hunger, and maintain normal cholesterol levels.

Slimmies contains a single active ingredient: Konjac Glucomannan. This is a type of fiber that supposedly helps suppress the appetite because it can absorb as much as 17 times its weight in water, causing it to expand in the stomach and help a person to feel full. In addition, glucomannan also slows down digestion, which means that a person’s hunger is satisfied for longer.

Many studies have been conducted on glucomannan. Some studies have found that taking this fiber prior to meals can lead to weight loss without an individual having to make any other changes. Studies have also found that those who use glucomannan supplements may also lower their LDL (bad) cholesterol levels. Furthermore, due to the fact that this fiber slows digestion, sugars enter the bloodstream at a more even rate, which helps to keep blood sugar levels more stable after eating. This can help prevent sugar crashes, which can often result in more snacking.

However, in spite of the fact that some studies have found glucomannan to be a promising natural appetite suppressant, other studies have found the substance to have no measurable effect as an appetite suppressant. What this means is that glucomannan has not yet been proven to be an effective hunger suppressant or weight loss aid. Further studies are needed to back up the claims that have been made about it.

Therefore, in spite of what the official product page may say, there is no guarantee that Slimmies will help reduce hunger or aid in weight loss.

The recommended dose is to take 4 Slimmies per day. Chew 1 Slimmie about 30 minutes before each meal with a full glass of water. The water is important because that is what activates the fiber.

As for side effects, the official website for the product states that “Numerous scientific studies have proven that consuming Slimmies with the active ingredient Konjac Glucomannan does not cause any unwanted side effects and that Slimmies is completely natural and harmless.”

First of all, the site does not provide citations to “numerous” studies. It provides one link to the European Food Safety Authority’s scientific opinion addressing the scientific substantiation of health claims related to glucomannan. Secondly, there have been no studies specifically conducted on Slimmies to prove the product’s efficacy. Thirdly, to say that glucomannan does not cause unwanted side effects and that the product is harmless is untrue. All substances, no matter how natural or mild they may be, have the potential to cause adverse effects.

While many people can tolerate glucomannan without a problem, this fiber can cause unpleasant side effects in some people. Users who do not drink enough water may experience stomach cramps and/or constipation. Moreover, by using this product, it is likely that it will increase a person’s frequency of bowel movements and it is possible that diarrhea may occur.

Before using Slimmies, it would be wise to first consult a healthcare provider.