Stamina InStride Folding Cycle ReviewStamina InStride Folding Cycle – 15-0125 is a small, lightweight and portable exercise device manufactured by Stamina Products Inc. The InStride Folding Cycle has been designed to strengthen your muscles while also helping you to burn more calories with greater efficiency by increasing your metabolism through cardio.

This exercise device has been designed exactly as its name suggests. It features two pedals with adjustable foot straps with Velcro closure to hold feat securely in place. It can be used for full range of motion upper and lower body workouts and folds without fuss making it easy to store and to take with you when you travel. It is also very light, weighing only 6.2 pounds.

The Stamina InStride Folding Cycle comes pre-assembled and can be used immediately. Simply unfold, secure (this is made easy with the non-slip rubber feet) and begin pedaling with your feet or hands. You can also adjust tension to change workout intensity. Plus, the apparatus is equipped with an electronic monitor, which you can use to track workout time.

Due to how portable and lightweight this device is, you can easily use it at home, at the office, when you’re on vacation or anywhere else you might travel. The InStride Folding Cycle’s simple and versatile design allows it to conveniently and easily work as a part of your lifestyle. You don’t need to engage in complex exercises or take time out of your day to go to the gym.

You can choose to set up the folding cycle on the floor and pedal with your feet (always in a seated position) to strengthen your lower body, legs and back or you can set up the device on a desk or table to pedal with your hands to strengthen your arms, back and shoulders. Regardless of what exercise you choose, pedaling will help you to burn calories and can also help to improve cardiovascular health and flexibility without stressing your joints.

While the Stamina InStride Folding Cycle has many benefits, there are a few drawbacks of which you should also be aware. Some users have found that the device can slip depending on the surface and suggest purchasing a rubber mat for the machine. Although being lightweight is good for portability, it does mean that it is not heavy duty and will not be able to withstand much weight. Some users found that on higher tension settings the device is “jerky”. They also found that if used for more than 15 minutes at the higher intensity, the friction produced causes the machine to heat up. You will not be able to use it while sitting at a low table or a computer with a keyboard tray because there isn’t enough space to properly pedal without smacking your knees on the desk/table.

Cons aside, this appears to be a pretty decent device and has received many great reviews from consumers. You can purchase the Stamina InStride Folding Cycle – 15-0125 online at the official Stamina Products Inc. website for $69.99. That said, you can also find it for cheaper at other online stores like Amazon.

Be sure to use the device as directed and if you have any doubts in regard to your health and/or the safety of using this machine, don’t hesitate to talk to you doctor.