The 5-Factor Diet ReviewThe 5-Factor Diet is a lifestyle plan and book from celebrity fitness trainer Harley Pasternak. Those who choose to follow his diet will not need to worry about going hungry because when you are following this weight loss plan you eat five meals a day. In fact, the entire diet revolves around the number 5. For instance followers eat 5 meals every day, each recipe contains 5 ingredients and there is 5 minutes of prep time involved. In addition to eating, dieters are instructed to take part in 25 minute workouts, five times per week, with each exercise session consisting of five, 5 minute segments.

Pasternak claims that consuming a balanced meal five times per day will keep blood sugar low and steady, which will help the dieter’s mood and provide them with energy throughout the day.

The 5-Factor, five-ingredient meals must have ingredients from all five of the following food groups:

• Protein – ex. fish, fat-free dairy, egg whites, lean meats, etc.
• Healthy fat – ex. peanut oil, canola oil, sunflower oil, tuna, salmon, sardines, etc.
• Fiber – ex. vegetables and fruits with edibles seeds and skins, whole-grain cereal, wild rice, beans, etc.
• Complex carbohydrates – ex. vegetables, wild rice, lentils, beans, quinoa, sweet potato, etc.
• Sugar-free drink – ex. water, tea, coffee, sugar-free soda, etc.

One extra bonus to this diet that many dieters will likely enjoy is that it has a “cheat day”. This is one day out of the week in which a dieter can eat anything they want, which can help satisfy cravings. However, aside from this one day, for the remaining six, meals are restricted to foods that come from the five food groups listed above.

The 5-Factor diet can be followed by vegetarians or vegans or by those who want/need to be gluten free. That being said, the protein options for vegans are limited and if dieters make gluten-free substitutions, they will need to make sure the replacement is low in sugar.

This plan is low in fat, salt and sugar. The diet is inexpensive to follow, as you only require purchasing the book and groceries.

Due to the fact that the 5-Factor Diet may result in a significant diet change for most people, it may be challenging to follow for some individuals. Furthermore, it is recommended that you first speak with your healthcare provider before making any drastic changes to your current diet.