The Big Breakfast Diet reviewThe Big Breakfast diet is a diet for weight loss that is based on the theory that you will shed pounds if you eat a big breakfast each morning. According to this weight loss plan, which was created by endocrinologist and author of “The Big Breakfast Diet: Eat Big Before 9 A.M and Lose Big for Life,” Daniela Jakubowicz, MD, when a person eats during the day time matters, if he or she is attempting to lose weight. Jakubowicz claims that, throughout the day, the hormones naturally responsible for controlling energy, appetite and metabolism, vary.

The Big Breakfast diet tells followers of the plan how many proteins, carbohydrates, fats and sugar they can eat for their initial morning meal. The recommended foods that are supposed to be eaten each morning, within 15 minutes of waking up, will supposedly increase metabolism and help to prevent junk food cravings in the afternoon and evening. Some research has found that eating a big breakfast can aid with weight loss and may also help to reduce the risk of high cholesterol, heart disease, and diabetes.

A breakfast on the Big Breakfast Diet consists of seven servings of protein, two servings of fats, two servings of carbs, and one serving of sugar, such as a donut, piece of cake, etc. That being said, after your first meal, sweets are not allowed for the rest of the day. Meanwhile, lunch and dinner contains fewer proteins than breakfast and is focused more on fruits and vegetables. Alcohol is not permitted for the first month, but can later be enjoyed in moderation with a meal.

Although this diet requires participants to consume a notably large breakfast, lunch and dinner are made up of smaller portions. In addition, Jakubowicz recommends that dieters engage in 20 minutes of physical activity on a daily basis.

On the plus side, you can eat just about anything on this diet and preparing meals shouldn’t be overly difficult or expensive. The book provides all of the guidance you will require and can be easily found and purchased at a reasonable price online. The book contains useful tips and 30 sample meal plans.

On the down side, the Big Breakfast Diet may be challenging for some people, especially those who struggle eating on a schedule or who have a hard time eating soon after they wake up. In spite of not having very many foods that are off limits, this is still a relatively restrictive diet and, just like any other eating plan that is restrictive or requires you to make alterations to your regular diet, you should first speak with your healthcare provider to make sure it is the right choice for you.