The Coconut Diet reviewThe Coconut Diet is a fad diet for weight loss that is based on the theory that those who eat a lot of coconut oil have fewer health issues and typically weigh less. Due to the fact that it is based on this belief, there is actually more than one version of this diet that a person can follow. For the purpose of this review, the diet that will be discussed is “The Coconut Diet: The Secret Ingredient That Helps You Lose Weight While You Eat Your Favorite Foods”, a book and low-carb weight loss plan by Cherie Calbom and John Calbom.

Supporters of the coconut diet claim that those who follow it will experience improved digestive function and faster metabolism. In addition to eating nutritious foods low in carbohydrates, participants are also required to eat 2 to 3 tablespoons of pure coconut oil, daily. Regular exercise is also recommended.

There is more than one phase to the Calbom’s diet. In fact, there are four stages in total. The following is a brief description of each.

Phase 1 – For the first 21 days, followers are to concentrate on eating sources of lean protein and vegetables. During this phase, sugar, fruit and grains are entirely off limits. At this stage, the claim is that a person can lose as much as 10 pounds.

Phase 2 – This stage of the diet is extremely restrictive and requires participants to drink several cleansing beverages made from vegetables and other healthy fiber sources, in order to cleanse the internal organs. Solid foods approved for this phase are vegetables, nuts and fish. It should be noted that there is no proof that cleanses help to clean the body and they often result in unpleasant side effects including fatigue, headache, nausea, and mood fluctuations.

Phase 3 – At this point, starchy vegetables and grains can be added back into the diet. Certain fruits are allowed, as well as certain dairy products, in moderation.

Phase 4 – Once a person has reached their ideal weight, they simply need to maintain it. In this final stage, more foods can be eaten, but alcohol, sugar and certain fruits, like bananas, remain off-limits.

In addition, 15 minutes of daily exercise that includes strength-training and cardio is also recommended for each phase of this Coconut Diet and coconut oil is eaten every day.

Lowering the amount of complex carbohydrates that you eat, choosing healthy, lean and low calorie foods, and engaging in regular exercise can help you lose weight. However, there is zero evidence that eating coconut oil will help with weight loss. Furthermore, this diet requires followers to dramatically alter their diet and lower their calories, as well as eliminates certain foods and recommends cleansing drinks. Cleanses can be dangerous for some individuals, due to insufficient calorie intake and often results in water loss, not fat loss, which will eventually be regained.

Before following this or any diet designed for weight loss, you are strongly encouraged to first consult with your healthcare provider.