The Eat-Clean Diet reviewThe Eat-Clean Diet is a healthful diet and weight loss plan from Tosca Reno, an author, certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, fitness model and motivational speaker. The promise of the Eat-Clean Diet is that by following it you will experience fast fat loss that lasts a lifetime. This is a long-term diet that is meant to be followed as a lifestyle.

Eating clean is primarily about dumping all the over-processed foods out of your diet, including those with sugar and white flour, and filling up on good-for-you foods like lean protein, good carbs and fats, fresh vegetables and fruits, and lots of water. It’s also about exercising regularly. According to Reno, her diet will help you super-charge your metabolism and turn you into a fat-burning machine.

Reno says that if you dedicate yourself to the clean eating lifestyle, you can lose about 3 pounds per week. As a bonus, beyond weight loss you’ll also find that you’re overall health will improve from your teeth to our skin, and you’ll have more energy.

Should you choose to follow the Eat-Clean Diet, you will find that there are certain dos and don’ts with this plan. For starters be prepared to eat six small meals every day (controlling your portions is a must) and to drink between 2 and 3 liters of water per day. Additionally, every day you are required to eat 2 or 3 servings of healthy fats, eat complex carbohydrates and lean protein at each meal, obtain fiber from vitamins, nutrients, fresh vegetables and fruits and eat breakfast within an hour of getting up.

There are a variety of foods from which you can obtain the nutrients you need. That being said, there are foods that should be avoided including white flour, sugar, artificial sweeteners, soda, juice and other sugary beverages, alcohol, foods with preservatives, artificial foods, saturated and trans fats, foods with chemical additives (ex. sodium nitrite, food dyes, etc.), and calorie-dense foods with no nutritional value.

As for exercise, Reno recommends both weekly strength training and cardio. For those who want to lose weight, she suggests engaging in 5 or 6 sessions of cardio every week, with each session lasting 30 – 45 minutes.

It is possible to lose weight following the Eat-Clean diet due to ingesting foods that are low in fat and calories and by engaging in regular exercise. That being said, some people may find this diet difficult to follow as it is quite restrictive and does require you to follow a specific eating style. Furthermore, some people may find it difficult to eat 6 small meals per day depending on their lifestyle. Therefore, this diet may not be a practical weight loss plan for everyone.

Furthermore, it recommends that you take supplements and questionable medical treatments. It also offers nutritional advice that lacks scientific evidence.

Although you might find that the Eat-Clean diet is worth trying, it is still recommended that you first speak with your healthcare provider to make sure that this is a safe and smart option for you.