The Fat Smash DietThe Fat Smash Diet is a weight loss program and diet book designed to help dieters rid themselves of bad eating habits and replace them with good ones, as well as help improve their physical activity levels. The diet was created by Ian K. Smith, MD, who is also the author of other diet books.

According to Dr. Smith’s official website, at the time this review was written, The Fat Smash Diet is a “revolutionary eating plan that leads to lifestyle changes and permanent weight loss forever.” According to the site, the diet is not a “gimmick or short-term fix”. The entire program takes 90 days to complete and is carried out in four phases. The diet promises that those who follow it will see positive results and make positive changes, but it does not promise that this will happen overnight.

As was previously mentioned, there are four phases to this diet.

• Phase 1- This is the “detox” period and lasts for 9 days. During this time, dieters are to focus on eating meals that are primarily made up of produce: fruits and vegetables. Pasta, fish, meat and alcohol are not permitted during phase 1.

• Phase 2 – This is the three week “foundation” stage that allows dieters to be more flexible with their diet. In addition to fruits and vegetables, they can now incorporate fish, meat, healthy fats and grains, and some alcohol into their diet. More exercise is encouraged at this stage.

• Phase 3 – This is the “construction” phase and it lasts for four weeks. More variety is added to the diet and a stronger emphasis is placed on portion control.

• Phase 4 – This is the final part of the dieter’s journey and is the lifelong “temple” stage. At this point, more foods are added to the diet and followers of the plan work to get themselves back on track if they had deviated from the plan during the other phases.

The Fat Smash Diet starts out very strict and may be difficult for some people to follow, as the detoxification phase essentially requires a person to become a vegetarian. In addition, during the program, dieters will be expected to engage in a lot of physical activity, which will increase with each phase.

Everything you need to know about this diet can be discovered in the book, which also includes more than 50 different recipes. Although it is possible for a person to lose weight following this diet, some people may find it too challenging. It is best to speak with your healthcare provider before making any drastic changes to your diet or your current fitness level.