The Flavor Point Diet reviewThe Flavor Point Diet is a book and weight loss plan that comes from David L. Katz MD, MPH. The book is entitled “The Flavor Point Diet: The Delicious, Breakthrough Plan to Turn Off Your Hunger and Lose the Weight for Good.” The main idea behind the diet is to lower your calorie intake and control hunger. Katz believes this is achieved by reducing the number of flavors you put on your plate, which will help you recognize when you have had enough, reducing the risk of over-eating.

There are three phases to the Flavor Point Diet. The first phase lasts for four weeks, and every day a new “flavor theme” is introduced. Every day, each meal shares a common ingredient. Some of the flavor themes for this diet include pineapple, lemon, pumpkin, walnut, and basil. After the third week of phase one, you are permitted to use the “special indulgence” menu plan, which allows you to enjoy foods like chocolate and coconut. According to Katz, by eating the same flavor, this teaches the brain to reach the “flavor point” at a faster rate and turn off hunger.

The second phase of the diet introduces more flavors and you are required to prepare meals based on the guidelines provided in the book for appetite control. Meanwhile, the third phase also requires you to follow certain guidelines to help you in your efforts to reach your goal weight. After the three phases are complete, you will then work on weight management and maintenance.

This diet requires you to eat three meals, two snacks, and an optional dessert. In total, your daily consumption of calories should range from 1,200 to 1,500.

The good points about the Flavor Point Diet are that those who follow are to avoid fast food, artificial sweeteners, soda, and all-you-can-eat buffets. It also recommends that dieters mix cardio and resistance training exercises for 30 minutes on most days of the week. Regular exercise, eating a low-calorie diet, and avoiding high-fat, high-carb foods, and those high in salt and sugar, can help a person lose weight.

However, the trouble with the Flavor Point Diet is that it is highly restrictive, requiring followers to adhere to strict guidelines when it comes to the foods they eat. This may prove to be too challenging for some people. In addition, this diet requires you to limit your caloric intake, which may not be ideal for some individuals, as not consuming the proper number of calories to meet your specific requirements can be dangerous to your health. Therefore, if you are interested in giving this diet a try, speak to your personal healthcare provider first.