The Full Diet reviewThe Full Diet is a weight loss guide and book that was created by weight loss surgeon Dr. Michael Snyder. The plan does not focus on eliminating foods or counting calories. Rather, it concentrates on showing dieters how to feel full by eating less, by teaching them to understand how their body handles appetite and how to eat the right kinds of food.

Those who are likely to benefit the most from this diet plan are individuals who are not morbidly obese and who want to lose anywhere from 5 to 80 pounds. Snyder has said that those who follow his plan can expect to lose one to two pounds per week.

There are two stages to this diet. There is a 4-week beginning phase and a maintenance phase. Although dieters can choose to skip the beginning stage and move on to the maintenance portion of the diet plan, the beginning phase has apparently been designed to help followers achieve faster weight loss, so if a dieter skips it, their weight loss results may take longer. It is recommended that followers of The Full Diet exercise five days a week.

Unlike many other diets developed for weight loss, no foods are actually off limits in The Full Diet. That being said, just because a dieter can eat anything, this does not mean that they should. For instance, those who follow the plan are encouraged to limit their intake of foods enriched with flour. The primary focus should be placed on fiber, unsaturated fats (ex. avocados and nuts), and lean proteins (ex. white meat). There are also recommended foods found within the vegetables, fruits, protein, fats and fiber food groups. Dieters may also treat themselves to two indulgences per week, such as alcohol.

Due to the fact that this diet plan is pretty flexible, it should not be hard for vegetarians, vegans and even those in need of gluten-free foods to follow this diet plan as it can be easily altered to suit diverse dietary requirements. However, it is important to note that Snyder’s Fullbar products, such as snack bars, diet gum and diet pills, which compliment The Full Diet, can be purchased and not all of these products are free of gluten.

Fullbar products are optional and are not necessary in order to follow this diet plan. However, those who would like to purchase them can easily buy them online. Not including the Fullbar products, this weight loss diet does not have any fees. The only costs would be your regular groceries and the book.

Before trying The Full Diet, it is a good idea to speak with your healthcare provider about your weight loss plans.