The Kind Diet reviewThe Kind Diet comes from celebrity and actor Alicia Silverstone, and is a vegan-based diet and book. Silverstone explains in her book called “The Kind Diet: A Simple Guide to Feeling Great, Losing Weight, and Saving the Planet”, how a person can adopt a vegan lifestyle and how becoming a vegan will make you feel good, look good and improve your overall health. For those who are unclear of what the term “Vegan” means in regard to diet, basically, you don’t eat any food products that come from animals. This means eliminating meat, fish, eggs and products made from dairy.

The Kind Diet has three phases. They include: Flirting, Going Vegan and Superhero. Each phase has been designed to help you gradually switch to veganism at your own pace. For instance, during the Flirting phase, you can still eat certain meats, but eventually they will be replaced by plant-based foods. The Going Vegan stage is the portion of the diet when all animal products are taken out of your diet, with the exception of a few substitutes. Finally, the Superhero phase includes only plant-based foods and whole grains.

While alcohol and caffeinated beverages should be limited, desserts and fruits are permitted in small quantities so long as they meet the approved guidelines. For example, white sugar and honey are to be avoided, but fruit, molasses and maple syrup are permitted. Silverstone recommends buying vegetables, whole grains, and beans when they are local and in season, whenever possible.

Although the Kind Diet may not be difficult to follow if you are already a vegetarian or vegan, and it may be a good way to introduce yourself to a vegan lifestyle, this is a very restrictive diet plan and will be an extreme change for anyone who is not a vegetarian. For this reason, some people may find the diet too challenging. It also may not be ideal for people with certain medical conditions. Keep in mind that Alicia Silverstone is not a medical expert or registered dietician. Therefore, it is a strongly advised that you first speak with your doctor before making such drastic changes to your diet.

On the plus side, studies have shown that veganism can result in weight loss. The simple reason is that those who do not eat animal products do not ingest animal fats. Furthermore, true vegans need to pay more attention to what they eat and are more naturally selective when it comes to their diet, which can make it easier for some to control their calories.

The Kind Diet is not expensive. The only costs are the book, which can be found at a reasonable price at more than one retailer online, and your grocery bill. The book contains many helpful recipes and tips and Silverstone also has a website called “The Kind Life”, where you can obtain more information and recipes.