the mayo clinic dietThe Mayo Clinic Diet is a weight loss plan and a lifetime weight management program. It is not a short-term diet solution. It concentrates on helping a dieter build a healthy lifestyle, so they not only shed pounds, but also maintain a healthy weight for life.

The purpose of this diet plan is to help you shed excess body fat and assist you in discovering a way of eating that can be followed and enjoyed your whole life long. The Mayo Clinic diet educates dieters on how to select healthy foods and food portions, helping them to create healthy lifestyle habits that can assist in decreasing the risk of health problems related to excessive weight, such as high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes.

Developed by the Mayo Clinic, the Mayo Clinic Diet is based on clinical experience and research. Using the “Mayo Clinic Diet” book as your guide, you will find that this program is split up into two main parts.

The first part – “Lose it!” – concentrates on 15 main habits, which include habits you want and those that should be eliminated. You can snack as much as you’d like on fruits and vegetables and you don’t have to count calories. Part 2 – “Live it!” – starts after two weeks and focuses on teaching you about calories. You will learn the number of calories that should be eaten to lose weight, how many are needed to maintain weight and the ideal foods to eat to obtain these calories.

While you are educated about developing healthy eating habits and calorie consumption, no foods are totally off limits. That said, while you still have lots of choice, the diet does focus on six food groups: fruits, vegetables, whole grains, unsaturated fats, lean proteins, and sweets (in moderation). Furthermore, while alcohol can be consumed in small amounts later, it is eliminated from the diet during the “Lose it!” period.

In addition to the two main parts, the book includes a unique food pyramid known as the Mayo Clinic Healthy Weight Pyramid. This pyramid emphasizes the importance of finding the right balance between eating healthy foods and exercise. It highlights vegetables, fruits and whole grains, as these foods typically have low energy density. What this means is that you can ingest more of these foods without packing on the calories as you would with other sweets, processed and high-fat foods, for example.

Overall, the Mayo Clinic Diet is a sensible diet plan and can lead to gradual and long-term weight loss when followed as a lifestyle and used in conjunction with daily exercise. Due to the fact that there is no specific diet that needs to be followed, this diet is acceptable for most individuals, including vegetarians, vegans and others with dietary restrictions. In addition to the book, the only cost is what you would normally pay for groceries. Those interested in following this program will need to rely on their motivation to stick to it.

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The Mayo Clinic Diet
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