The Morning Banana Diet reviewAlso known as the Asa-Banana Diet, the Morning Banana Diet originated in Japan. As the name of the diet suggests, those who follow this diet will eat a banana in the morning. However, on this diet you’ll eat more than fruit.

Created by Sumiko Watanabe, a pharmacist and expert in preventative medicine, and her husband Hamachi, who has counseled at the Japan Body Care Academy and studied traditional Chinese medicine, the Morning Banana Diet encourages dieters to eat more fruit and to pay attention to their hunger and fullness levels. It also encourages proper rest and for dieters to keep a diet journal.

While there are certain rules to follow, this is not an intense diet that enforces a lot of restrictions. On the contrary, for lunch and dinner you eat what you would normally, but with a few minor exceptions. That being said, this is not a strict calorie counting diet.

There is more than one version of the Morning Banana Diet, but most are based on these rules:

Breakfast – eat bananas and drink room-temperature water. The bananas should be raw and you should not stuff yourself. You can substitute other fruits, but you are allowed only one type of fruit per meal.

Lunch & Dinner – eat as you usually would. That said, dieters are encouraged to make healthy food choices and to avoid processed and fried foods. Stop eating once you are 80% full and do not have dessert after either meal. Dinner should not be eaten any later than 8pm.

Afternoon Snack – at around 3pm, you can have something sweet to eat like chocolate or cookies, but snacks such as ice cream, donuts, and potato chips should be avoided. While fresh fruit is considered to be the best snack, those who want sweets should not deny themselves. This is the only time a sweet treat is permitted during the day.

Foods that should be avoided on this diet include dairy products. As for alcohol, it should only be enjoyed on occasion. Furthermore, tepid water or mineral water is what should be consumed all of the time, or more than any other type of beverage.

Due to the fact that sleep is considered important, dieters are encouraged to go to bed no later than midnight and should not eat 4 hours prior to bedtime. As for exercise, there are no real recommendations other than to walk each day, but only if it does not cause stress.

Following the Morning Banana Diet may be beneficial to those who are slightly overweight, as following this diet plan is likely to result in naturally ingesting fewer calories. However, it is unlikely to offer any real weight loss benefits to an individual who is extremely overweight or obese.

Moreover, although the Morning Banana diet has become popular and there are testimonials, there is no actual proof that it works. With that in mind, remember that it is always in your best interest to speak with your doctor to discover the best diet options that will help you to realistically reach your weight loss goals.