this is why you're fat diet reviewWhether or not you find the name of this diet offensive or funny, This is Why You’re Fat is a weight loss diet plan from fitness expert, TV personality and gym owner, Jackie Warner. You can learn everything that you want to know about this diet by picking up a copy of Warner’s book “This is Why You’re Fat (And How To Get Thin Forever): Eat More, Cheat More, Lose More – and Keep the Weight Off.”

According to Warner “Being fat isn’t your fault: staying fat is.” Essentially, she claims that you can shed pounds without feeling deprived of food and that fat isn’t what makes you fat it is sugar that is the primary culprit. On her diet you can expect to restrict sugar, caffeine, fatty meals, highly processed foods and alcohol and replacing them with the healthy foods that will help you correct your body chemistry, reduce cravings and satisfy your appetite.

This is Why You’re Fat Diet is split into two phases. The first is a “Jump Start” phase that lasts for 2 weeks. During this period, no foods are restricted. Instead, you’ll be adding certain foods (ex. eggs, oatmeal, vegetables) and liquids (ex. whey protein shakes, lemon water and herbal tea) to your diet to help your body get into “fat-burning mode”.

In the second phase, which is meant to be followed as a permanent lifestyle, from Monday to Friday (5 days), you eat lean protein (ex. beans, eggs, lean white meat) at every meal. You’ll also have 2 cups of vegetables a day, 2 pieces of fruit, 2 servings of whole grains and a minimum amount of fats that are plant-based (ex. safflower oil). On Saturday and Sunday you can “cheat” and enjoy two treat meals of your choice as long as they are 1,500 calories or under.

That being said, Warner does recommend that those who follow her diet avoid white flour, sugar and artificial sweeteners as well as reduced caffeine intake and avoid alcohol during the 5 days.

Warner also insists on exercise including strength training and interval exercising. This is a type of exercise where you vary your pace during cardio workouts.

It is possible to lose weight on this diet as eating three healthy meals per day with two snacks (all totaling between 1,500 to 1,800 calories per day) combined with exercise can result in loss of fat. Furthermore, because you get to “cheat” on the weekends, this may make this diet easier to stick to for some people.

On the whole, the This is Why You’re Fat diet takes a sensible approach to weight loss. However, be advised that this diet is not safe for everyone as it does make certain food recommendations (ex. eating two eggs per day), which is not a good idea for anyone with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels or heart disease.

Talk to your healthcare provider before adopting this diet plan.