Tower 200 Body by Jake reviewTower 200: Body by Jake is a fitness program endorsed by 5-time MMA champion Randy Couture and was developed by Body by Jake, a company founded in the early 90’s by Jake Steinfield.

Body by Jake is well known in the fitness industry for providing various exercise products ranging from exercise balls, push up bars, and resistance bands to much more comprehensive exercise equipment systems. Tower 200 is a resistance training fitness system that has been created to significantly reduce excessive body weight, as well as increase lean muscle strength and tissue, and improve cardiovascular endurance. This at-home fitness system packs 200 pounds of resistance into one slim tower that is installed on a door.

The Tower 200 is a complete exercise system that works out all muscle groups. It includes a fitness guidebook that provides users with more than 200 exercises that target every major muscle group. For instance, exercises target abdominals, arms and back, chest and shoulders, and legs. While many of the exercises have been designed to work out certain muscle groups, there are several exercises that combine two or more workouts, so they are performed in sequence. These workouts are meant to complement one another so that you can simultaneously exercise more than one muscle group.

The Tower 200 comes with everything that you need to take part in this fitness program. You will receive strength training equipment, including a door-based home gym designed for working your lower and upper body. The system can be easily installed and slides onto any home or office door within a matter of seconds. It has a durable steel frame and also comes with multi-tension power cords to provide 200 pounds of resistance. When used as directed, the system supposedly will provide you with huge results within a month.

This system may not appeal to everyone, and it might not be the best fitness system for beginners, as exercises can be intense and workouts demanding. That being said, even if you think this Body by Jake fitness equipment and program may be right for you, it is important that you make certain that it is appropriate for your current fitness level.

At the time this review was written, the Tower 200 Full-Body Exercise Gym could be purchased online for $115.00 plus shipping. It has received generally positive reviews and may be an ideal at-home resistance training system for non-beginners.