Unique Hoodia reviewUnique Hoodia is one of many diet supplements for weight loss that uses the South African plant hoodia gordonii. This well-known cactus-like plant has been popular in the weight loss industry for years, due to the fact that it is believed to decrease the appetite of those who take it. This may leave you wondering why Unique Hoodia stands out from all of the rest.

According to the manufacturer, Unique Hoodia contains 100% pure hoodia gordonii, which distinguishes it from other hoodia-based diet products that use extracts and do not use hoodia in its purest form. On the official website it is stated that when this diet supplement is taken with meals, dieters can experience a decrease in hunger levels, which makes it easier for them to stick to strict diet plans, helping in their efforts to effectively manage their weight.

The active ingredient in Unique Hoodia is 100% pure and natural hoodia. It is not an extract. While there are no additives or fillers, in addition to its key ingredient, the formula also includes Bioperine (extract from Piper Nigrum plant), which the official website claims leads to “30% faster absorption”. In total, each pill contains an 800mg serving of hoodia.

According to the manufacturer, a variety of studies and tests that have been conducted on this famous South African herb have found that it can lower the amount of food a person ingests, makes it easier to decrease snacking between meals, and reduces calorie intake to help provide better weight management. In addition, the authentic website claims that research has found that the Bioperine in the formula enables the body to absorb the active ingredient with greater efficiency and speed.

The official Unique Hoodia website does offer plenty of detailed information about hoodia gordonii and even provides certificates of authenticity to prove that what they use in their formula is the “real deal”. Also, at the time of this review, the product is medically endorsed by Dr. Vijay Kumar Soni – MBBS and links to research he has conducted on hoodia.

However, regardless of all this, it is important to point out that the pure hoodia plant is very rare and there are only a select few companies who have been permitted to purchase the right to use it. Nowhere on the site is it indicated if the manufacturer of the product is one of these companies. Moreover, although this product may contain genuine ingredients, and in spite of studies and research, there is still no solid evidence that hoodia is an effective appetite suppressant or that it will help you manage your weight.

Unique Hoodia can be purchased from the manufacturer’s site. A single bottle is a one month supply. There are different packages available and each comes with a money back guarantee.

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