Vision Fitness X10 Elliptical reviewThe Vision Fitness X10 Elliptical provides exercisers with a full body workout. It is an elliptical machine by Vision Fitness from the companies Vision X line. An elliptical trainer, also known as an X-trainer, is a stationary fitness machine that can be used for simulating walking, running and stair climbing, and has been designed so that a person’s joints are not placed under too much pressure, which lowers the risk of impact injuries from occurring.

Although there are many exercise machines in the Vision X line that are fully equipped, impressive cross trainers filled to the brim with accessories and features, the Vision X10 is one of the more basic and less expensive models. It is a sturdy machine that will provide a valuable fitness session. When the machine is used properly it can help users strengthen their cardio vascular system and diverse muscle groups.

Users can engage in their own workouts or they can follow one of the seven workouts that have been pre-programmed into the machine. These include: Manual, Muscles Toner, Fat Burn, Intervals, Rolling Hills, Incline and Mountain. The resistance levels range from 0 to 16 and can be altered to suit the exercisers fitness level.

The Vision X10 also has other features, such as heart rate monitoring. Users can check their heart rate via the sensors located on the stationary bars. The device also lets exercisers track their progress. They can also check how many calories have been burned, how long they have been working out and the distance traveled. All of which can be viewed on the LCD screen.

Another convenient feature the machine has is a holder for a water bottle to help users stay hydrated as they work out. There is even a built-in reading rack that makes it easy for a person to read while they exercise. The machine weighs 188 pounds and is 75 inches long, 26 inches wide and 66 inches high. It can support an individual who weighs up to 300 pounds.

Aside from its good features, the Vision X10 does have a few drawbacks. For instance, the incline on the elliptical machine cannot be changed and the stride length is fixed at 20 inches. For most people, this stride is suitable, but for those who are very tall or very short, this fixed stride could be a problem.

At the time of this review, The Vision X10 has a lifetime warranty for its frame, a 3-year warranty for parts and a 1-year warranty for labor. It can be purchased from the Vision Fitness official website for $999.00. Overall, this product is ideal for anyone looking for a basic elliptical cross trainer.