WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine reviewThe WaterRower Natural is a handcrafted entry level rowing machine from WaterRower, an American-based manufacturer of quality rowing machines designed by John Duke, a former Yale and US national Team Rower.

What makes the WaterRower Natural stand out compared to other rowing machines is its appearance and mechanics. Its two most notable features are its wooden frame and the water drum.

The frame is handcrafted from sustainably sourced wood that comes from the Appalachian region of the US. It is constructed of solid Ash and has a Honey Oak stain to provide color consistency. The wood frame absorbs vibration and sound and the backless seat slides along the track smoothly.

The water drum, on the other hand, is a water resistance mechanism that features a “water flywheel”, which replicates the feeling of actual rowing. The flywheel is enclosed in a translucent water tank. This provides smooth and self-regulated resistance. That being the case, unlike other rowing machines, this device does not give the user the option of choosing a resistance level because resistance naturally increases the faster you row, just as it would if you were out rowing on a lake.

The WaterRower Natural is equipped with a Series 4 (S4) Performance Monitor with an LCD screen. The monitor displays workout data including distance, time, speed and watts. A heart rate monitor is an available feature but is considered an upgrade and will cost extra. Users can also plug the monitor into their PC to access different features.

While this is an impressive machine, some users of this product have complained that the monitor is not easy to reach. Also, the foot rests may not be comfortable for everyone, particularly tall individuals. Some people have complained that the footrests are too close together and are too straight. As such, they would prefer if they were adjustable. Furthermore, the machine may not be suitable for those who have notably large legs, due to muscles, etc., as these individuals may find that their thighs and knees knock together during rowing.

In addition, while most do not find it to be an issue, it is worth pointing out that in order to prevent the water in the drum from turning green, a water purifier tablet needs to be added to the tank on occasion.

On the whole, this is considered to be one of the better rowing machines on the market and it has received many positive customer reviews. It also requires limited space and can be easily stored upright when not in use.

At the time this review was written, the WaterRower Natural could be purchased for $1,295 on the official website.