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Weight Watchers is one of the most well-known commercial diet programs. It has been around for 50 years and has earned a pretty good reputation among dieters. The program is designed to help you watch what you eat on a day-to-day basis. While the program is still often referred to as Weight Watchers, it has been rebranded to WW.

Eat What You Want – No “Forbidden Foods”

One of the primary reasons dieters like Weight Watchers is that they can continue to eat what they want – there are no “forbidden foods”. Essentially, what the program teaches you, through its SmartPoints system, is to make smarter and more satisfying food choices.

More specifically, every food and drink has a SmartPoints value.  With the help of this points system you never need to worry about what you’re going to eat next. Weight Watchers has 24,000+ restaurant foods and WW recipes calculated as part of the SmartPoints plan. This makes it easy to track your points.

How Does Weight Watchers Work

According to the Weight Watchers website, as a member you will join the “myWW,” the company’s new program that is 100% mobile friendly.

The new program is based on science-backed research. The three-step program includes:

  1. Join and unlock a personal assessment that gets to know your preferences and lifestyle.
  2. Access a weight loss program that’s designed specifically for you.
  3. Get support from a Coach 24/7 via your WW mobile app or in-studio.

With the help of digital tools, coaches, and a daily SmartPoints Budget you can follow a plan that focuses on your unique needs and offers the most optimal options that are best suited to your lifestyle.

How Do SmartPoints Work?

Every day you have a SmartPoints Budget, which is a part of the WW science-based SmartPoints system, which is personalized for your age, height, weight and sex to help with your weight loss goals.

While the Weight Watchers Program was once primarily calorie-focused, now calories simply establish a baseline. In essence, eating protein lowers the SmartPoints value while ingesting sugar and saturated fat increases the points.

The reason the WW has taken this tack is that many studies have confirmed that there are benefits to eating less sugar and saturated fat and more protein. This isn’t beneficial only for weight loss, but also for several health reasons.

On your myWW, you’ll receive a personalized amount of daily SmartPoints as well as extra weekly SmartPoints for days when you might need those extra points. The daily and weekly points are your SmartPoints Budget.  The amount of points that you have depends on your height, age, sex and weight. After all, the nutritional needs of a 6’0” man is different from a 5’0” woman.

How you use your points is up to you. Use them a little bit at a time, all at once or not at all. That said, they can’t be carried over to the next week. The only exception is up to four daily SmartPoints not used, will be added to your bank of weekly SmartPoints.

What to Consider

Before you jump on board with the Weight Watchers diet program, keep the follow in mind:

  • Cost – This is not a free program. To take part you will be required to pay a monthly fee.
  • Lifestyle change – While it’s up to you what foods you eat, remember that you are living by a SmartPoints system now. You won’t be able to consume your normal diet as you want if you wish to lose weight.
  • Mostly digital – Although there are in-studio coach sessions available, primarily, Weight Watches is a digital program. To make the most of the myWW tools, you will need to download the app.
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