What Color is Your Diet ReviewCould you imagine if eating the right colors of food could help you lose weight? What Color is Your Diet is a weight loss plan and book from Dr. David Heber. It is a lifestyle diet and long-term weight loss program. It has been designed to help a person lose weight and better their overall health by teaching them about the colorful heart-healthy foods that will help improve their eating habits and choices. According to the book cover, this diet will help you boost your immunity, protect your vision, heart and genes, help fight cancer and “achieve healthy, permanent weight loss.”

The average person’s diet lacks sufficient vegetables and fruits. According to Dr. Heber, there are “7 colors of health”, and this is the principle on which the diet is based. Basically, how the diet works is dieters are expected to eat a single serving of a half a cup of cooked or one cup of raw fruits and vegetables that fall into each of the seven color categories.

The following is a breakdown of the seven color food categories and some examples of the food that is found in each:

White/Green – pears, onions, chives, celery
Greens – spinach, Brussels sprouts, kale
Yellow/Green – avocado, mustard, corn, peas
Orange/Yellow – papaya, peaches, oranges
Orange – apricots, squash, carrots
Red – watermelon, pink grapefruit
Red/Purple – red apple, berries, prunes

While consuming a wide variety of fruits and vegetables is the primary focus of this diet, other foods are also acceptable. Some of these include: whole grains, lean protein, fiber, healthy fats and spices and herbs. That being said, foods that are off limits include: trans-fats, butter, margarine, farmed fish, high-fat red mead, egg yolks, candy, baked goods, and low-nutrient foods.

It is also recommended to those who follow What Color is Your Diet to walk every day (eventually to reach a 10,000 step goal), and to also make weight training and cardio a regular part of their exercise regimen.

Overall, What Color is Your Diet is a practical program that is inexpensive. Other than purchasing the book, the only other costs are your regular grocery bill. That being said, this diet may be difficult for some people to follow, as it will require dieters to make strict changes to their diet, which some individuals may find too challenging. To find out if this diet is right for your weight loss goals and your lifestyle, consult with your healthcare provider.